Have you ever actually felt low in mood because you have thought I'll never get women like that?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Sep 14, 2020.

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    Has anyone else ever felt like this after a relapse on porn or artificial sexual stimulation. That the women you might be watching and looking at on cam sites, porn sites, social media sites, and then just thinking to yourself man what I would give to have my way sexually with her? Almost to the point that this can actually cause you to experience a low mood?

    Because for me I am an average looking guy, very under confident, a lot of anxiety issues etc. I just don't overall have the best mental health. So I don't really do well with women, and I have never really done well with women.

    The thing is I do believe if I really put myself out there and tried that I could meet someone. But I hate to say this, but something that kind of upsets me is if I ever do meet someone I think it is highly unlikely that they would look anything like the women that I see on those cam sites, social media sites etc when I do relapse.

    I kind of think to myself I mean how many guys on average in the real world are regularly getting sexually intimate with seriously attractive women? and then how many guys never regularly get sexually intimate with women that are as attractive as this?

    I mean it's no secret that you do see some guys who aren't even that attractive with seriously beautiful women. But I am just wondering how often something like this actually happens on average?

    I'll be honest I have seen some guys with women that I have found really unattractive and I have actually thought to myself that I would actually rather be single than be with women that I am not attracted to. But I feel like this is a bit of a problem if I am only really interested in really attractive women.

    I mean I hate to say this, but imagine some guy had a really unattractive girlfriend of wife. Is it any wonder that a guy like this would end up turning to porn?
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    You're right that there's a good amount of average or below average looking guys who get above average girls. Their common trait is likely inner confidence.

    Now it's no secret that a lot of people find confidence levels go up with NoFap. It's not always up (flatline, stressful days) but it does get there within just a few weeks no PMO in most cases.

    Want to take it up a notch? Guys aren't judged as much on our appearance as our confidence - but we can make some relatively easy changes to help us attract. Getting into the shape you desire, finding a haircut that suits you, wearing fitting fashionable clothes that suit your style, brushing up your posture/eye contact/storytelling skills. These are all gold. And so many guys overlook it.

    So with this new found confidence, you'll likely want to date women right? And now you may be considering the types of girls you're attracted to...

    I bear good news. When we slow down (or ideally stop) our porn use, the traits we're attracted towards change in suit.

    Lots of makeup and revealing clothes may have been attractive before, but may soon indicate insecurity and therefore low value.

    It's something to experience over time. One day you'll walk through the shops or park, and notice there's plenty of attractive women who are average in many ways and looking for a great guy!

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