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    Hello, everyone. I just signed up today, and I'm excited about looking around these boards. I recently decided I need a new support group after the last one I had gradually died off. So here I am. It doesn't look like the LDS group is very active, but maybe there are a few of you who still participate often enough to give me a hand.

    I've been addicted to porn for as long as I can remember, and to masturbation since I was 13. I got sober long enough to go on a mission, but that did not last. I lied to the love of my life so we could get married, got busted shortly afterwards, got sober, relapsed, confessed, relapsed, you probably know the drill. Several years ago I confessed again, and it nearly ended my marriage. But my wife was finally in a place to set some boundaries for herself, and I had the best bishop I've ever had at that time, because he actually held me accountable. I got sober - genuinely sober - for the first time in my life. At one point I went over a year with no porn or masturbation. It was the most amazing feeling. Then I threw it all away and relapsed, and it got really bad. I'm still, over a year later, trying to pick up the pieces from that.

    One of the most important things I learned during sobriety is that you can't do it alone. It was great to have a couple of good support groups. But for reasons, neither of those is an option at the moment. So I'm reaching out. I need new friends. I need a community again. I need to feel connected and not so lonely all the time. I know from experience that sobriety is possible, and that it is wonderful, and that I can't get there by myself.
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  2. Hello friend! Well done for staying on the recovery path. There's nothing wrong with relapsing as long as we are learning and growing from each relapse. Being held accountable is a blessing. Having a great Bishop is a blessing. Can I ask, how did your Bishop hold you accountable?
    It also sounds like you have an amazing wife as I do. The wife of a porn addict is a special soul. I don't think we can do enough to repay them for being the awesome souls that they are.
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