Hello! New here, best tips?

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Augustine_Hippo, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Augustine_Hippo

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    Hello there.

    I am new here, signed up yesterday. I've already had one setback. I managed to go 23 days without pmo but I'm not sure what triggered me again. I even felt great on the 23rd day but it's just so hard to resist.

    Anyway thought I would introduce myself. I've been watching porn since I was at least 15 although earlier than that I had access to magazines/books. I think my biggest problem at the moment is just being alone in my room, I have some health problems which make it hard to go out.

    So, as the title suggests, I would really like to know your best tips/links/reading material/videos that have helped you. (this website has so much info hard to know where to start).

    Thanks in advance :)
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  2. Hello and welcome! :)

    We are glad to have you as a part of our community. Here are some quick links to get you started.

    Getting Started Guide | How to Use the NoFap Forums | Panic Button | Day Counter | Rebooting Resources | Forum Rules | Glossary

    If you wish to keep a journal of your progress you can do so in the appropriate section found here

    You can also take part in one of the many challenges available. It can be a tremendous help. Challenges

    Also, there are groups you can also join if you wish to do so. You can browse through them here. Groups

    There are plenty of wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable people here to help you along on your journey to a life free of PMO. I wish you nothing but the best!
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    Thanks for coming to our site. What has helped me is aromatherapy. I burn incense sticks. My personal favorite is lavender, from the brand HEM (Satya is also a good brand). When I smell the lavender incense burning, it's as if I'm being raptured. It's such an amazing feeling. If you're going to try this, remember to open a window nearby so that the smoke can escape. Otherwise, the smoke will irritate your eyes and that's not fun.
  4. Augustine_Hippo

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    Thanks for the reply! That's very interesting I'll have to look into it.
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