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    So a friend of mine told me about the NoFap-movement about 2 weeks ago. Right afther that read about it on several websites and the benefits a lot of people describe are worth trying it for. So I stopped fapping and viewing porn immediatly. And oh boy what is it hard. I don't find it hard really to not look at porn, but I am horny ALL THE TIME. Seriously I got over 400 extra Tinder matches and I'm trying to hook up with with a lot of girls. So that immediatly brings me to 2 questions:

    1: Last Thursday I was with a girl and we started to make out and eventually it got more intense.. She didn't want to fuck on the first date but she did ended up giving me a blowjob (no forcing or anything, don't worry). I finished myself over her. Would you guys count this as a fap??

    2: Don't you think that if I'm horny all the time it would be better to fap (without porn) once in while? Just to get the tention off and focus on other things than sex?

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    Welcome to the community, Peace!

    1. I think it depends, if you have some form of ED that doesn't allow to O without your own help I wouldn't consider it fapping, otherwise I would consider it fapping, but hey, that's just my opinion.

    2. The whole point is kind of to abstain while you're horny so that you can use the engergy you get to do something more productive in your life.

    Hope this helped, later.

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