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    I have tried and tried for so long but I am slave to pmo. Longest streak so far is 3month but that was only once and I am finding it so difficult to get back the momentum. I downloaded multiple porn and app blockers but still the evil me always finds way to bypass these blockers. Just now while I was scrolling through the suggestive photos, I clearly knew it will lead to my eventual downfall. I clearly had a choice to close the browser but my inner demons took control of me. Feeling really bad right now. Someone please help me.
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  2. Yeah I guess you’re not the only one fighting these demons. What helped me was doing the same thing every time my urges appear. I did pushups or go for a walk or something. Next thing is .... do not use electronic devices in your bed. It’s bad for your sleep and bad for overcoming urges.
    Have you tried k9 web protection? Best p blocker in my opinion.
    Stay strong and keep fighting!
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    I think you need to try a different approach. Fighting mental battles against an addiction is just not going to work for life.
    The first thing is dont beat yourself up for failing. that is pointless and leads to the negative feedback loop which causes even more relapses.
    You still clearly want porn deep down. You need to just sometimes surrender to the reboot. what I mean is instead of trying not to relapse, just dont watch P. instead of running away from your urges, just accept them. dont act on them. just remember it is an addiction leaving your brain. you need to remember all the pain and misery porn causes and that the urge is an illusion. once you can accept the urges and dont need to fight them then you have the upper hand. youre no longer controlled by your addiction. at that point you know it is an illusion and false promise.
    i know this sounds stupid but dont try to think of it as a long and arduous struggle. quitting PMO has lots of benefits. yes your brain will try to convince you otherwise when you're stopping but if you just take it day by day and stay busy it will become a distant memory.
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    I get what you mean I fell back all the way to square one a while ago and i haven't gotten back the momentum like you said I just can't tap back into it but sometimes I'll look up porn but I won't masturbate your willpower is there you just have to give it your all and be serious with it if you say your going to do something you do it but I get what you mean the urges take over just try occupying yourself with anything, anything that won't do negative things to you is good I usually workout or take cold showers but just try occupying yourself with things and try forgetting about pmo and porn and if you don't or can't do some of those things just turn off your device and think anything that you think is good or fun that won't hurt you in a negative way is good
    Pretty soon you'll forget about pmo also try watching alot of nofap videos that helps too. Believe in yourself I know you can do it we all have to fall at some point even if you do relapse at least you haven't given up we're in this together think about why your doing nofap in the first place and add to that meaning this is a battle for your life so you can be the best you can be so porn won't hold back your potential I know you can do this I just do.
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    Thanks for the advices. Just took 2 hours cleaning every corner of my room. Now it is time to get back on track working on my goals.

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