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    Hello everyone,
    Today is my official first day as a fapstronaut :). I'm thoroughly excited. For starters, I was exposed to porn at the tender age of 6. I'm 20 and have been watching it ever since. I wouldn't say it's an addiction in the sense of having to watch it everyday, but it is definitely an addiction in how many years I have watched it. I've tried fighting it on my own and was successful for 7 whole months. Then one day I was left home alone (when I am extremely most vulnerable), and relapsed. I'm Christian, and I love and believe in God, and each time I watch porn or masturbate, the feeling of guilt and shame greatly overwhelms me because I know God is always watching. It's tough to stay pure mentally when we live in such a techno modernized world where sex nudity and sensuality are always exposed to you, wherever you go! I figured that I would begin to train my mind by staying away from television, but when I do that there's always some billboard or conversation that includes sex that you just cannot avoid. I just don't want this following me around my whole life. I have yet to have a relationship, and one of the greatest things I fear is that this will hinder my relationship when I do get into one. Now that I am 20, I want to be freed from this monster once and for all, and I know that it's not going to be a passive battle that can be won overnight. It's going to take prayer, dedication, and a good support system ( such as NoFap!). I'm so thankful already for this online community because it helps me to know that I am not the only one. I ask for continual support as I will support you guys, and continuous prayers as I will pray for you guys. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story, and thank you even more to the ones who read and reply. God bless!
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    6?! I thought mine was young at 10/11. Awesome you're doing this at 20, keep at it. I just finished my first week and it feels great. Best of luck to you and may God help you on this journey. I believe in Christ as well. Stay busy!
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