Hi guys do you agree that semen retention burns your karma?

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    interesting thought, yes it does if you know how to give the "heat" of heightened energy access to the areas where karma (genetic/epigenetic and experential programming) is "stored" or "written"
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    Awesoem Video bro ! Seamen Retention all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No this is a cultish belief. Karma is an eastern high level teaching. It does not originate in modern science. Please stop saying karma is written in the physical cells. Karma goes beyond lifetimes as well. It part of creation at some specific level but not the physical. Existence is in various levels that exist one inside each other like the russian dolls, with the physical being the most bottom one or 'outer' objectively. Thus naturally any levels that come forward after/inside the subtle levels where karma - time and space take hold, will also reflect those higher natures in their ways. So you can say you have destiny and fate. Man may make his own fate with his own hands but his destinity is his and his alone. This refers to your spirit which reincarnates across lifetimes, it may undo some light karmas and mental habits (fate) with physical willpower or mental concentration but some deep karmas (destinity) are untouchable by mundane capabilities.
    Take for example Mahayana Buddhism, Karma would be a Sambhogakaya thing. Genes and anything physical is in the domain of the Nirmanakaya.
    Celibacy is purely a Nirmanakaya and 5 skhandas practice. It does not touch upon Sambhogakaya and Dharmakaya. Nope.
    Some sciences and people claim to be able to read fate by analysing the bones of your skull, or hands, or other facial features, etc. But Prince Gautama could see karma (destiny) with his prajna eye. Karma is a highly advanced (esoteric) thing and its not dependant upon the Nirmanakaya (physical body).
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  5. Is there any specific knowledge regarding semen retention, as is generally referred to in this community, or is it just what it sounds like - not ejaculating? What is the history of the concept as people here understand it? Because I get the sense it is sort of a common denominator thing both East and West but as such it is likely taken out of context, or certainly couldn't consider the contexts of the different teachings that has it as an element but involves more in that view.

    There are two very easy concepts to put this in perspective. The first is the idea that only that which is not karmically based can burn up karma. If someone carefully considered this they may have to wonder if they're even aware of anything that is not karmic - because we're not saying good vs. bad karma, just karma, period.

    The second is we are MADE of karma, that is to say you wouldn't even have a body if there is no karma. And of course, with semen retention you're talking about something you're doing or not doing with the body.

    With these two points in mind, if you consider anything motivational, including the images in the video, some of the words of people who post on here and the motivational intent behind how it's written, it's really karma all over the place.
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    I don't know if this is helping to burn karma but definitely SR helps to evolve, to become more aware of what has been unaware and to observe repetitive patterns and thoughts in life. Nevermind the etiquettes.
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    Not at all karma is karma that is why even some realiced masters have tragic and violent deaths. Neither virtue, meditation or semen retention can erase powerful bad karma, you just have to pay whatever you did.
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    that's not true boy! It depends on which spiritual path you are on.

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