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    Hey guys! I am so glad I stumbled upon this community, it's inspired me to make the change.
    I'm 14 years-old, and this is my first year doing "no-school"(self directed learning), and have been home schooled my whole life. I'm also a christian, which is probably the reason I've felt so compelled to quit PMO.
    I've got a short story. It all started on a stormy night at the beginning of the year, literally January first. I knew in that moment that I'd regret it, but I went ahead with it anyways, and since then I have been wrestling with masturbation. Now it's only been recently that PMO addiction has become a serious possibility, and that sole fact has been enough to get me to join the fapstronauts fighting to quit entirely. I am going to end it the year it started; the 90 day challenge has started.
    Please, a small prayer or word of encouragement does wonders. Thanks, Bjarni.
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  2. Cool i'm 14 years old too! goodl luck on this journey and please, text me if you need any help

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