Hi! I am Mamur, from Bangladesh.. :)

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    Name: Mamur
    Goal: Reboot

    hellow everyone...!!!

    I am very happy to find a community like NoFap here. This is my first post so I'd like to make aquintece with you all.

    I am Mamur, aged 24, from bangladesh. I first started masturbating when I was 16. And then it has turned into a habit then into an addiction. But for a very long period I didn't took any action to be free from it. At first masturbation was a great pleasureable experience. Then slowly it turned into something very unpleasent. Yes there was the guilt, and there was the shitty feeling of being very miserable. But when I was concerned about quitting this act of mine, I found that I could not control it anymore... No shit, masturbation was really a part of my daily chore In my college days.

    I life slowly began to downfall. I, was a legendary bright student in highschool but barely managed to get through the passing mark in college. I cried in my prayers for mercy from this guilty act and just after half an hour, I would do it again. I searched the net for remedies, I found articles in the net telling me that all the problems I am facing are psychological and fapping is nothing wrong but healthy. Those problems are just the consequences of religious drilling.

    I thought they were right. I continued the act and this time I was guiltless. And I went from fapping once a day to 4-5 times a day. Nothing in my life was improved. I tried to find what exactly was my problem and solution. I tried so many ways. But in the end, I found that I have no friends, no girlfriends and no sex. Although a few sexual opportunities did arise, I was unable to be hard. Still a virgin. I lost two girlfriends and the last one was so hot that I began masturbating thinking about her. I dont want to allow this to happen with me again and want to have amazing girls and amazing sex. So I finally found this community. Read forum and tried before i register.

    My first relapse was after just about an hour, second about five hours, and third after 21 hours, since then I am still being under control and its about 66 hours i haven't fapped.
  2. Hi Mamur, welcome to the forum!

    Yeah its horrible how fapping can destroy your life. But you have come to the right place to get a handle on it. We are a bunch of supportive, understanding people that will help you get a handle on your addiction, because we've been there ourselves.

    I'd recommend you look at this guide for some techniques you can use to stop fapping.


    Good luck! If you need anything, just PM me!
  3. You are on the way to freedom, Mamur. Don't worry. I have been addicted to PMO from age 12 until my age 31. It's been over a week for me that I have not masturbated or indulged in pornography, and I feel so much better already. You need to change your lifestyle and find other sources of happiness.

    I'm being brief here because I already posted my details elsewhere – actually I'm a newbie just like you. I'm in a rush now, however, and I try to keep myself as busy as possible even doing menial things such as gardening for the old lady next door, or learning a new language (which doubles as a social instrument too).

    You can always find something else to do in order to fill your free time with something more useful, and you can always hold your breath in emergencies (as a quick way out). Let us know how you do, and let us see your lifestyle change for the better. There's always something better to do – so go and find your progress in life.
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    still holding ........

    Thanks for your support guys...! I am still holding on by the way.. Allah may help us all
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    thanx dear mumchance!!! Its been 7days now I haven't fapped!! U guyz are awesome!
  6. It's been nearly 2 weeks for me now. I wonder what you mean by religious drilling? Even according to Islam, masturbation is sinful (and just about everything else is also haraam). Those who say that masturbation is healthy are speaking out of political correctness.

    Actually, masturbation is natural (according to official health sources) when you are sexually frustrated BUT NOT a healthy habit if that progresses into a habit which replaces a real sexual partner. I should add, God created us to marry and enjoy the opposite sex, and procreate, not to masturbate. Then again, religious drilling also made marriage very difficult as a process and very expensive as a means. So the solution to sexual frustrations nowadays for us poor men is not going to be marriage nor masturbation.

    I made the big mistake of blowing away my inheritance when I was young instead of saving up to buy a house. Now I'm paying the price and women these days want a stable, full house ownership as a prerequisite to marriages security.

    BTW Well done, Mamur! Keep it up, champ! You'll start feeling stronger, not weaker, the longer you hold out :D

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