Hi, I'm new here but time ago I overcome the 60 days, I'm here again to combat and win to the PMO

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  1. Over and Over again I fall into the PMO, I reach 2 weeks and then I fall, now I'm listening stories about success, writing the why I'm doing this and doing exercise every day, this is my first day with a new strategy, but I'll do the change.
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    Nice strategy
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  3. Thanks He^Man, I overcome the first day, with aument of excercie I feel better
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    Welcome to the nofap community. It's really nice. I've been venting and ruminating a lot and the mods don't seem to mind.
  5. Stay Hard, and focus, I've trying, again and again for almost 1 year, sometimes I think that I fall and let the NoFap, but the best thing that you could do is stay hard, if you fall, stand up again and continue changing and put perfection in your strategy.
  6. thanks for the welcome, it's an honor to me stay here, reading the stories about succes and falling, I put specially focus in this to do my strategy, greetings
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    Try to maximally avoid triggers
  8. Yeah Sure, in the morning I was motivating to myself, I felt anxious, I wanted to lose at the moment but, I begint to hear music of motivation something like Eye of the Tiger and Hunting High and Low and doing excercise at the time, then I hear again the benefits of nofap, and I forget the PMO. Thanks for the advise theMotivator, I'll have in count every day.
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    If you want, watch the Nofap Movie in my signature (it's just 1.5 hours), maybe it's gonna give you motivation. It's targeted to many social circles, and if you do not understand something, it probably means that you don't have to. :D
  10. Sure, thanks bro
  11. Welcome to NoFap!!!
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  12. thanks bro :emoji_muscle:
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  13. I know "Eye of the Tiger", but who sings "Hunting High and Low"? Are you referring to "Hunting High and Low" by A-Ha?
  14. Hey HE^MAN, what's your strategy?, grettings
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    In the beginning i kept myself busy with various activities like cycling , gym , reading , writing , work etc etc.
    When i get urges i do push ups until i get tired ,take some deep breaths and say to myself "do not give up" and cold shower before bed.
    Urges are still there and whenever i feel im falling i remind myself why i am doing this.
    Thnc for asking buddy,have a good day.
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  16. Amazing, Thanks for the advice HE^MAN, have a good day :emoji_hand_splayed:

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