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    After a while i decided to make an account. I dont really know what to say so forgive me any mistakes.
    By accident(i was looking for porn) i stumbled on your brain on porn where i found this place... I watched some documentary movies on their website, realized that they are right, there is no way for a healthy 22 years old to have problems with erection when he is with a girl in bed. So i stopped watching porn on that day, 1st of October. Yay hurrah to me! I became more angry all the time and it seems that im drinking more, not a lot but i might be replacing one addiction for another. I work in a restaurant so there is very easy access to the alcohol and plenty of people to piss me off. 1 year ago i did MDMA for few months and now i feel like i need some more, just a 1g or 2g. Logically i know that i dont need this shit, and after reboot it will stop but emotionally... If i would have it in front of me i would make a one very, very long line. Do you girls and guys have similar problems? Or is it just me? Oh yea before i forget. How do you stop yourself in the mornings?

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    Glad you found the website, welcome welcome.

    Any kind of addiction makes life a real mess of increased problems. We think it feels good to PMO, drink, or do drugs, but before long those things do US. We're not doing THEM.

    Continue reading this forum. Set a goal to stay clean for 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, whatever you think you can manage. Reach that goal. Start your own journal in the journal section here and post daily. Get an accountability partner.

    I would also get to an NA or AA meeting. Take in the recovery. Learn what addiction does. Get some motivation, some inspiration. Stop the train wreck before it even happens.

    Way to go. This isn't easy but it's worth every bit of effort. After you get into the flow of recovery, you'll feel on top of the world. Without any addictions either. I swear it.
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    Welcome, stay on track and go day by day, start a journal so you can keep track on how you are doing, its worth it and we are all trying to overcome it.

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