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    hey everyone I just need some hocd help here I have been struggling with it since about 14 I'm nearly 21 started off with a finger in the shower then escalating to tranny porn now it glued it self to me really really bad. One day I was kissing my girlfriend and I thought to myself I hope I don't think that this is a guy or something I was suffering bad with hocd at that time and man now every time I kiss my girlfriend some gay thought happens, but before I had my girlfriend I was hooking up with girls left right centre and the thought never came into my head

    And I need some help with former drug abuse I was doing in the summer time of 2014 I had abused the living shit out of pills and mdma I would pop more then 10pills or capsules every time I partied which was everyday I was taking them on a week day mixing with cocaine alcohol and getting fried to the point I thought I was going to die every time I was off my head, the mdma acted as a anxiety and depression relief for some unknown reason while I was under the effects I no longer thought I was gay so I abused them like crazy , but when I stopped the drugs my mind went all friZzled and the gay ocd got so much worse should I seek some anxiety and depression pills from my gp as they contain serotonin and give some back to you because I think abuse of all that release of seratonin fucked up the chEmicals in my brain
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    The best I can recommend is to just accept that these thoughts are OCD when they occur and just try to shrug them off when they occur. Don't spend a lot of time arguing with or analyzing them. You have to just recognize them for what they are and then let them go. This can be really hard to do, especially when you're used to putting too much stock in the interaction with these thoughts. Even people like me who trained ourselves to deal with it in that way still catch ourselves having little internal arguments and things. But this is the only way I know of to not let the OCD thoughts drive me crazy.
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    Man, my advice is to try and post your situation in the site 'psych forums', on the area 'obsessive compulsive disorder'
    People there know more about HOCD than people here. But people here know more about porn-induced HOCD than people there. It's useful to have a account in both, like I do.

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