Hook-up culture, tinder, dating "game" and other bullshit.

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    I hate it. I really do.
    In some way it's none of my business what whoever does, but then again - I feel like I want to share my thoughts. Don't take anything personal and doubt everything I say just like a sane human being should do.

    So...Why I don't like let's say... Tinder?
    Lack of real communication, that's why.
    I've felt bad effects of chatting with a female on my own skin, and believe me - they are not good.
    1. You don't have to be confident in your words to say them, you can just say them. It's a chat. One side says some stupid shit, then other side does the same and it goes on and on.
    2. People are most likely NOT THE SAME in real life as they are in chat. Talking from my own experiences. Girl gets so "open", guy gets so "real" but in real life... Act as if it never happened. Whack.
    3. Feeling others energy is way better than texting. That's just the way it is.
    Hook-up culture
    Well, this video sums it up pretty well, don't think I have to say much more.

    One day I happened to stumble upon some dudes video...(not the one up there, no. This guy is cool - subscribe to his channel, please.)

    It was just... Shit.
    The guy is probably in his late/mid twenties. Good looking, fit guy. Best wishes to him, no disrespect... But man - shit he says is just DUMB!
    He goes to teach people the game and how you should stop giving a fuck and that's when she cares.
    You know what? You will never stop giving a fuck like that.
    If you took fucking 20 minutes to make that fucking video it already means you care enough!
    You know what not caring means? NOT CARING. Not saying "I DONT CARE" or just acting/faking it, but really NOT CARING!
    Why would I care about not caring? I just live the life, that's that.
    It's like... Hey, look at me! I'm alpha male and I don't give a fuck! Now suck my dick!

    I know it sounds silly, but that's how I felt.
    He also goes to call females "bitches, hoes " etc. Well, if you want to call them like that - do it - I'm not a white knight or whatever to stand up for "queens" etc...You call them like it if you like doing it, but... It's not about HOW you call them. It's about how you see them.
    And if your channel is related to alpha stuff, if you teach men to be right...then why would you even hang around bitches and hoes? Ain't you the one who's alpha? Alphas don't do that, you know?
    In my honest opinion alpha males don't waste any time on "bitches" and "hoes" They rather find a female partner.
    Those are just insecure boys with big muscles and some egos.
    It's like "Hey! I'm a gorilla and today I will teach you how to fuck a baboon!"
    It's just dumb! Straight dumb!
    And one thing I've noticed - majority of those channels are made by black males.
    Why? I can't understand it. I don't get it. Why is that type of culture so popular? Why it's so popular to watch some guys using mainly hood slang with trap music beats in background and "LEARN HOW TO BE ALPHA"?

    Nothing against black people, not gonna lie. But why I don't see so many white guys doing it? Maybe they do... It's just that YouTube viewers are being way more sensetive/pussies these days and they just don't want to have a loud opinion? I don't know. Maybe there's that stuff going on from series "you don't suppoort a black man - you racist af"? Who knows.

    But one thing I know.
    If you want to care - care. If you don't want to care - don't do it. Show your true self and Universe will send someone in your life who respects your true self.
    That's the thing. Boys start gaining at the gym to just... Level down instead of up with some ... So called hoes or bitches. Just pull their dick out after like date number 4 and boom. It goes on and on.. Real love, real partnership, friendship - that shit is really good! Having an actual conversation about deeper things of life, sharing plans, thoughts, travelling together - just enjoying life together - that really is meaningful, that really makes life better. But if you just want to get laid, all you care of is being a "ruthless motherfucker " or "cold alpha"... Come on man... Fuck yourself, please.
    I know I'm mad, I know I'm angry - but for a reason. I really want my peers, younger and older guys to understand - it's not worth it - just fucking all the time. Search for meaningful human being! Search for someone to take care of, someone who takes care of you! STOP THIS STUPID HOOK-UP BULLSHIT!
    If I offended someone - nice.
    Thanks for reading.
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  2. TheForsakeen

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    An honest scoundrel, i dig that.
  3. Hachiraya

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    Thank you, Forskeen :)
  4. Karumi

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    Well put. It's impossible to tell if someone is compatible through texting. Sure, I might make them laugh and we might have things in common but if we were ever to meet our energies, so to speak, might be completely out of whack.

    Though sometimes you gotta take a chance.
  5. WHMvsPMO

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    The thing is there's a difference between texting and typing out a conversation. Texting is mostly abbreviated stuff that doesn't do the use of language justice - or any slightly deep sentiment you might want to convey through typing. It's lazy, and it's the standard watered down version.

    There's no magic to it though, it just takes more time. Back as early as the 90s there were people spending a lot of time chatting, some were or ended up being romantic relationships, and a LOT of people TYPED SLOW - probably actually slower than the two thumb ninjas on their phones now. But they took their time.

    Second factor is self disclosure. Not how you want to portray yourself, but actually putting yourself out there with something personal. The idea was because it's anonymous anyway you're safe, and if people end up being cool with who you really are by the honest self disclosures then it might be more serious, and you might meet. It wasn't like meet so you know they're actually hot and didn't gain 300lbs since that pic or whatever, it was meet because after a LONG time you actually got to know enough about them. The self disclosure was how people took a chance.

    And yeah, people are different in person - but when the self disclosure was actually true then you have something to work with, you already knew some things about the person. It wasn't just seeing a profile and exchanging a few short, relatively meaningless messages through whatever platform, you had conversations - many of them over a long period of time.

    TBH I think it works both ways: The way people write chats now may suck but also their reading comprehension may not be so good. When you get used to reading kind of short typical but largely meaningless, possibly inauthentic messages then I guess when someone is actually giving you the real deal with some detail maybe it doesn't compute just on the fact that you're not used to it if nothing else. Also because it's kind of going at it with a one track mind instead of just chatting because you liked the conversation and later on it kind of becomes more, the attitude today seems to be who cares what the character of the person is like but just find out if there's chemistry, but before it was maybe the other way around - people didn't necessarily go into it with the intent to meet someone but that's what ended up happening. BTW that's partly why people would be honest with their self disclosure, because you're not looking to date, you don't even know if the person typing on the other end is attractive so why not be yourself? But today I guess you may not even be texting someone unless it's a potential romantic interest, or send some kind of text message in a communal setting - because for all the problems it has had a basic chat room is at least a communal context instead of one on one. Even if someone buys the lines the other is sending if it's in a group someone might call them on it or something.

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