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    I'm Clarence , a 18-year-old Chinese freshman studying computer science in Shanghai.As you can see my English isn't very good, but after I noticed this English anti-porn website by chance I decided to browse it for a while and finally signed up.I have been haunted by porn for six years or more which makes me a gross fat dumb man.I always feel regret and have tried not a few ways to suppress my masterbation in vain--I will lose control when I'm under too much pressure.I have just held my 18th birthday party the other day and don't want to commit this shameful crime anymore!Today is the second day of my rebooting, I hope I can get some support from you bros to keep on or my damned life will possibly be totally fucked up by myself...
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    you have done the best thing for yourself, i wish this site was here when I was 18, I am now 38

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