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  1. Selfcontrol1

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    "read the Bible"
    And all of it. 2 Timothy 3:16
  2. truthseeker17

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    LOL you know whats funny? Often people who don't even believe in God, religion or prophets come up with this.. Why doesn't God feed the poor children in Africa or why is there so much injustice, why doesn't God fix this or that? I mean c'mon is this some freaking joke?!!

    This is our planet, we are living here. We inherited it from our parents and our children will inherit it from us. WE are RESPONSIBLE for it. Take some freaking responsiblity and do whatever you can do make the situation better instead of wishing for God to fix your mess. We messed up big time and now we want God to fix it. How delusional lol. All the injustice is because of us because of what we choose and what we do. We have to take resposibilty and we have to do something about it by ourself! Yes I believe in God, in Allah to be precise. I believe Allah helps the just, the good men. However Allah won't change the situation of a people if they don't bring the change in themselves.

    ... Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves ... [Qur'an 13:10]
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  3. Stop being ridiculous! This is a logical question! It's not about us not being responsible, it's about God being responsible. It would be excusable for a parent to say they don't take care of their child because they should take responsibility.

    We are not gods!
  4. Don't underestimate the power of birth-sin.
    God says in His word that every sin done, has effect onto the forth generation after.
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  5. Our planet? I didn't create one molecule of my body, neither did I create one oxigen atom, one flower or one rock.
    God created everything, it all belongs to Him alone, as He is the legitimate owner.
    However we as human are stewards of all the stuff borrowed to us, so like you say right, we are responsible for how we treat the planet, treat ourselves and treat the other.
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  6. truthseeker17

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    I gave a logical answer?! Stop being a baby and be real. Instead of whining and dining bring one positive thing in your life and be consistent in it. It will make alot of things better.

    Yeah, to God all belongs. With ours I meant we are given resposibility over it. We own nothing yet we say my body, my car, my wife etc..
  7. JKnight

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    This question bemoans of a 3 misconceptions that I do not understand why people accept.
    (1) Religion introduces the concept of free will. With free will there are consequences of actions and there must be otherwise free will can't exist. This dependence on fatism or religious determinism is just easier and annuls personal responsibility that exists with free will, but most religions and faith do preach free will.
    (2) who said Gd maintains conscious dictate of all things that exist instead of just creating a natural world and letting it be, intervening when necessary or for a purpose? Being aware of man and of the world doesn't necessarily mean constant intervention.
    (3) why does the existence of a deity mean an end to all suffering? I do not see the rationale behind this approach.
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  8. How original blameing god for everything
  9. Fightyourlowerself

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    My understanding is that this happens for for two reasons - free will and a test for mankind.

    Mankind has absolute free will. Because of this manking can cause war etc and god will not intervene because if god intervened then in the afterlife we could argue that you didn't give us complete free will - you interfered in our free will so why should we be accountable for our actions

    In regards to cancers, I think some of this is caused by mankind itself though our eating habits, air pollution etc but even if this is not, anyone who understands god will know that it's god choice when he wants to take peoples lives. And he can test us through difficulty like sickness to see if we would lose faith in him or we remain strong. In my understanding the ones who remain strong and have suffered the most in this world will be the ones who reach the highest levels of heaven in the afterlife.

    P.S. It is difficult, don't think anyone is living the good life here because you don't know how people are getting on behind closed doors.

    I wish everyone here success in all their lives.
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