How did I get rid of my sexual dysfunctions

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    I had problems since always since I was younger, I trained my body and mind since I was a child and when the time to lose the virginity came I was scared and worried because I realized what I did to myself over the years.
    My first time was a disaster (as almost every first time) and so the next ones. I couldn't be able to perform as I wanted, I started to have performance anxiety because of my premature ejaculation, which turns into erectile dysfunction as well.

    So I was there, suffering from sexual dysfunctions and knowing nothing about how to overcome them.
    I started to research, reading a lot and trying to get rid of them, but I wasn't able to manage everything, I was doing a lot of things without any kind of sense until I talked to someone who gave me a different vision and helped me to realize I was just wasting my time doing things that other people said I needed to do without knowing my background.

    So, this person helped me a lot to focus only on the right things and giving me support for each step I needed to walk.

    It took me long, because at first I was totally lost. I tried NoFap and it helped but not as I read from other people, I tried jelqing since I thought it would help, it wouldn't tho...

    But today I can say I could solve all these problems, I worked on my self-esteem, which was very low, now I know what was I doing wrong, I worked on myself and I'm a new an very capable person.

    So, if I could do it, you can as well. Don't give up and look for the right help, some accountability partner that can guide you towards your goals.
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    Hi man! I also have PE and I've tried many things to solve this problem, but nothing worked on me. I think my PE was created by many masturbate sessions with porn, where many times I tries to ejaculate asap because I didn't want to get caught by my parents. Maybe this created a pattern of ''quick ejaculations'' and when I had sex I ejaculated very soon.

    My ace up my sleeve is NOFAP, I'm on my 54 days, but I don't know if it will help me. But I have to try!
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