How do you exactly cure PIED?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by skaterdrew, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. skaterdrew

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    Does the amount of time you're away from PMO not really count for shit if you eventually end up relapsing or even worse binging?

    Is the only way to cure PIED getting one very long streak of No PMO at all? Or if you're always making progress and improving will this cure PIED?

    See some guys on this contradict them self. On the one hand they say you must get one very long streak of No PMO to cure PIED. But then on the other hand they say it is a constant battle, but always try to make sure you're improving.

    It almost comes across like if you have hardly PMOed for an entire month and then end up binging on PMO for an entire day at the end of the month that the previous month you hardly PMOed at all doesn't mean shit because you ended up binging on PMO at the end of the month?
  2. MrT3650

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    In some ways yes, a relapse sets you back. It's like reinjuring a wound that's almost healed, it's going to take more time but the more you take care of the injury it will heal eventually. PIED as you know means you have rewired your brain to artificial stimulous so a long reboot is necessary however you may need to rewire with an actual woman to help cure it. Also if you go on a binge it will set you back a lot. You're already sexual exhausted and recovering from addiction so spending one day busting 5 nuts will drain you and hindering recovery.

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