How do you know when you are ready to have sex after reboot?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Daniel82, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Daniel82

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    How do you know when you are ready to have sex after reboot?
    I was sober for 140 days after a One-Night-Stand before I had sex with my girlfriend. However, I had to stop because I grew irritated and felt cravings.
    How can I make sure this won't happen again.
  2. Ekalb

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    When you can grow the balls to marry your girlfriend and love ALL aspects of her
  3. StarRider

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    That's an interesting question. It reminds me of "When can you get back into social drinking?" asked by a alcoholic in recovery. The answer is always: It depends, might take a few years, it might be with you for life.

    One thing is for sure: You can't simply go back to your old way of living and continue to have one night stands. You need to completely disconnect from reenacting P and reframe your sexuality into healthy and loving circumstances. @Ekalb's suggestion could be a good start. You might need to overthink your partner choices as well and start over fresh.
  4. IbrahimViking

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    You can't make sure irritation and cravings won't happen again. There is no magical future insurance.
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    i like your comment lol
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