How i fight back my urges on my day 3 ? (funny one )

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by s0gek1ng, Apr 30, 2019.

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    So on day 3 of my NoFap journey I woke up thinking about my ex girlfriend and my day started while doing my regular things I was kept thinking about her and slowly these urges were overpowering me I was keep saying no to myself and you have to keep moving on the path of nofap after sometime I was checking facebook my ex uploaded new pic of herself and that point urges broke my will and I was about to fap then I saw my friends dumbells and I started lifting them and keep thinking about my ex with more intensity keep saying "I will give you my all babe " then I started doing pushups and after that I feel drained and all my urges was gone .
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    kinda fits my understanding of urges. basically my theory was that the urges are merely masculine energy that awakens in response to feminine energy, and doesn't necessarily need ejaculation, but rather manliness, domination, aggression, and self assertion, in order to be satisfied. basically, you aren't horny, you're just feeling masculine.
    here's my post on it right on this forum:
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    [QUOTE = "s0gek1ng, post: 2025229, miembro: 319461"] Así que en el día 3 de mi viaje NoFap me desperté pensando en mi ex novia y mi día comenzó mientras hacía mis cosas normales, seguí pensando en ella y lentamente estos impulsos Me estaban dominando. Seguí diciéndome no a mí misma y tienes que seguir moviéndote en el camino de Nofap después de que en algún momento revisé Facebook, mi ex subió una nueva foto de sí misma y ese momento me rompió la voluntad y estaba a punto de desaparecer. mis amigos, mancuernas, y comencé a levantarlos y seguimos pensando en mi ex con más intensidad, seguí diciendo "Te daré todo mi bebé", luego empecé a hacer flexiones y después de eso me sentí agotado y todos mis impulsos desaparecieron. [/ QUO abstinencia, abstinencia, bendita abstinencia
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    I do think about my ex-girlfriend. When I realize this I think about myself and the urges stop along with my will to live.
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