How many of You love what u do ??

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Gamebred305, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Gamebred305

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    Right now I am at the point in my life where i have to choose what i want to become .
    And I am really confused because their is no thing like passion ( may be cause of fapping ) in my life and My future seems dark .
    And lot of peer pressure whether I could earn as much as them or I would be ashamed of myself after 20 years .
    what about you guyZ career and decesion and also your advice
  2. two-face

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    It's not for everyone, but I'm a registered nurse and I love it. I've been in a bit of a life rut lately, and am having a hard time loving much else at the moment, but I find myself looking forward to my time at work. It's stressful, hospitals treat their employees like crap by understaffing every unit, and some patients are the most atrocious people you'll ever meet, but still, I love it. I think I love it because when I'm there, all my life failures are left behind and I get a clean slate in which I really can do some good. I get new patients every week and I get to help them through some of the most difficult times of their lives. You can be a lousy nurse and do the minimum, or you can comfort people and go out of your way to provide excellent care. I feel like its the only place that I'm really shining at the moment. If you can avoid getting jaded, it's an amazing career with lots of options and decent pay.
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  3. Queek The HeadTakker

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    Masvidal sure loves what he does

    And i cant do what i love to do because of corona so im a bit mentally deranged now but this will pass !
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    Don’t think a lot, create a self assessment. Write in it your likes/dislikes, job demand in your country / foreign countries if you can travel, institutions for the particular study/field and conclude it with 2-3 jobs/careers you think you will enjoy and will earn you a living. I hope that you find success and happiness in your life.
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  5. Gamebred305

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    Thnq brother

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