I am straight but feel gay during NoFap.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by BestMe, Jul 18, 2018.

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    During my longest streak (40 days), I became extremely emotional. I had mass feelings of guilt and pity. This led to 95% of my communications with others around me to be "down" and "lost". I am heterosexual and can confirm that I have P induced Ed.

    I've had several thoughts of suicide and have reached out to friends and family about it because I feel like no matter what I do (during these times of withdrawal) I feel like I'm making the wrong decisions. This is not a cry for help. I just want to know if by prolonging NoFap, you get a spike or some sort of T level boost because I become highly incompetent otherwise.
  2. Hi Best,

    Do you use 'gay' as synonymous to 'emotional'? If it's only the feeling guilt and pity, then I don't think that's gay at all. Many people here can testify having those feelings as we try to quit the pmo addiction. But if I got you wrong, please feel free to clarify.

    I think P numbs you down emotionally. Sometimes this can be the reason to seek it in the first place, because you're feeling some emotional discomfort, and you want to get out of it.

    I think it's really good you've reached out to friends and family. You know, I've noticed that when I'm depressed and alone, I am never in a good company. In those instances your thoughts can convince you that there is no other way, but that's never true. In these situations your mind and thoughts just go against you and I can't emphasize enough how important it is that you make that separation. Depression wants you separated, isolated, alone so it can poison you to the point where you can't stand it or see any other way. Just like pmo it is another big thing you'll need to tackle.

    And reaching out helps, being active helps, even going out to walk run helps. Find what is your way to recognize those patterns and how you can deal with them.

    And I think that shame and guilt can be used for healing. I know I want to use mine for that. I don't want to succumb to them, but go through them to find an answer to the mess, where is it coming from? How to deal with it?

    It's important to acknowledge problems, and it seems to me you can clearly see what's happening. Then we have to do our best and deal with it. Trust me I know how when you find something big and difficult about yourself, it can just pull you down. But the very fact that you've seen it, is something encouraging.

    I've seen how being pmo-free I become much more balanced and open. I'm also in a better position to make decisions.

    Wish you all the best with it and I hope you'll find the right thing for you.
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    Thank you. I used the term gay not as my sexual preference but rather how "out of control" I felt with my emotions.
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    I'm an emotional guy,althougj I don't cry, I have a strong mind. I laugh when I find something funny, I get angry if someone messes me things up to a great extent. I feel sadness. I feel Happiness. I try to have a more positive outlook towards life. Being emotional doesn't make you less masculine. It actually makes you the most masculine man. I haven't found an instance where I felt to cry. So, I didn't cry. I have got my eyes filled with tears sometimes. If I want to cry, I will cry. You should never suppress your emotions. That includes sex , love and everything. You just have to be yourself. If you thought about suicide, then I can assure you that you haven't seen happiness in your entire life. Brother, Try having your own life like including hobbies into your life. I ride motorcycles, it lifts you and gives you a feeling nothing can, try riding. If you can , go for a journey to experience life raw and wild. Believe me, These little things can make you the happiest man ever. Never suicide. If anyone suicides, it means that they worry about small things and haven't found the real meaning of life. I feel pity for those who have suicided without enjoying what the woods and the mountains have to offer.
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  6. Hey bro, if you want a t boost do the following:
    • have cold showers
    • remove junk food and eat good food
    • start fasting
    • start weightlifting
    • get some sun
    Your testosterone can be elevated significantly in other ways, like even standing up straight.
  7. It could also be that you used pmo to (incorrectly) cope with your emotions, you can find better ways of coping with your emotions such as the ways I listed above.
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    We shouldn't suppress our feelings. It gets out of control when we suppress anything. That's why we shouldn't suppress our sexuality during nofap and channel the sexual energy to different productive things. When we don't have nothing to suppress, we won't have anything to get out of control.
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    Thank you all.
  10. I have experienced many of those symptoms as well. It seems to come in cycles. The high that a T boost can give is incredible. You feel great, stong, confident...all those things.

    On the other hand I have been very emotional myself. Mood is very unstable and a lot of thoughts fill my mind. It's really helpful to put some of that negative energy into something else. A hobby, a project, a work out, etc. It seems to help me. Have you tried taking some B vitamins, a B- Complex blend can help as well as Vitamin D. If you are feeling that low, like I do sometimes they can really help.

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