I can’t take women seriously

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Fixmybrain, Jan 6, 2020.

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    I love and respect women like my mom and sister but I’m starting to realize over the years that women in general don’t really make much sense. Preaching for equality only if it suits their best interest, yet wouldn’t want to be equal if we had a WWIII draft. No one even taught me these things—they just came to mind over the years. Talking about wanting to be paid equally yet still want the man to pay for everything. I don’t hate women at all (that’s pathetic) but if our sex drives ceased to exist tomorrow I think we would look at them differently. Just be weary and cautious

    BTW This post is referring mostly to younger women. 20-30
  2. In some ways, I agree, though at the same time try not to tar everyone with the same brush, there are lots of women in the military, I know you're aiming at superficial airheads, and hyper ignorant ones, and there are loads of men like that too, look no further than parts of MGTOW, there are lots of men that we can relate with and others that will make us cringe so hard.
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    The root of these threads often comes down to the same thing: it’s an expression of anger that the women we’d like to have sex with don’t feel the same way about us. You will soon understand that the women you want to have sex with don’t really care whether you take them seriously or not, or whether you’re on a site like this posting about it.

    Perhaps it really is best to Repent and Believe the Gospel. And, do everything you can do to live your life and make yourself a desirable catch for all the women you’d like to have sex with, and don’t take seriously.
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    not necessarily. I think that my relationships with both my parents would have been a lot less strained if I’d been a woman. I certainly don’t think my dad would have blamed me when my stepmom finally left (she was a really nasty woman and as far as I know she got a free pass for everything.) I still feel like a bad investment even when my parents tell me they’re proud of me. Nothing sexual about that.
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    Thing is, I have a girlfriend right now (honest 8/10) and don’t care about other women as a result (besides family) so I really don’t think this is accurate. Do you think this same logic would apply for a gay man? Exactly

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