I don't even think I am addicted to PMO?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. skaterdrew

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    I think I used to be addicted to PMO. But over the last year and a half I no longer feel addicted.

    I am sorry if I sound like a broken record here, as I have posted about this issue many times before. But I only ever relapse on porn or artificial sexual stimulation if I have a hangover from alcohol. The worse the hangover the worse the relapse/binge.

    I don't know what it is, but for some reason when I have a hangover from alcohol I just feel insanely horny. I find PMO edging and binging insanely enjoyable when I have a hangover from alcohol, particularly if it is a bad hangover.

    I am honestly at a point searching and looking at porn and artificial sexual stimulation doesn't interest me. But then I drink alcohol and then the following day I do want to PMO.

    So on Sunday I drank a lot of alcohol with a friend. I had about a full bottle of Jack Daniels to my self. Yesterday I was badly hungover and horny beyond belief, and I spent the entire day edging and binging on PMO.

    The issue I have is I don't think I am addicted to porn anymore. I literally never get urges to search and view it anymore. But then when I have a hangover I get extreme urges and want to edging and binge on it all day. It's kind of like someone who is not addicted cigarettes, who never smokes cigarettes, but then they get drunk and want to smoke loads of cigarettes. I feel like I am in the same situation with porn.

    I do feel like I might be an alcoholic. I usually drink once or twice a week. If I am drinking on my own then I will maybe drink a 35cl of Jack Daniels to my self. But if I drink with friends then I always end up really drunk.

    I live in the UK and I do feel like where I live it is a very big drinking culture. I feel like most people I know will generally be out at the weekend getting drunk.

    But yeah I actually don't struggle to stay off porn. But I do struggle to stay off alcohol. So within about a week I will definitely want to get a drink. But the issue is if I drink enough then it is basically guaranteed PMO relapse/binge the following day. It's a nightmare.

    I have stated I don't feel like I am addicted to porn anymore, because the only time I relapse on it is if I have a bad hangover. Similar to if someone only smokes cigarettes when they're drunk. Would this mean the person is addicted to cigarettes? I'd say they weren't addicted to cigarettes, and I am in the exact same situation with porn.

    But it's so frustrating because I do feel like I am addicted to alcohol. Even though I am probably not addicted to porn anymore, the sexual dysfunctions still remain, the PIED still hangs around.
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    You seem to know what the problem is. Now do something about it. NoFap is a tool. I remember reading some posts mentioning how abstaining from PMO is not a panacea. If you have other issues, PMO will not necessarily help those.
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    Alarm bells are ringing that you seem more concerned about pmo than the booze. I'm a Brit too, and yes there's a culture where it seems "normal" go out and get absolutely shitfaced 3 nights a week. Trust me, it is NOT normal.
    You really ought to think about your alcohol consumption. Pmo is nothing compared the destruction, chaos and pain that alcohol abuse will bring to you.
  4. Overforme

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    Stop drinking. Alcohol causes many many problems. Start limiting consumption slowly so you dont get awful withdrawals. I used to drink quite a bit too. Ever since I've stopped I've felt a bit better. I also lost the ugly beer gut and my wallet is quite a bit thicker. It also feels good to focus my time on productive things rather than boozing with losers I thought were friends. Oh, and no more hangovers. So many positives.
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    I fap every 2-3 days, I'm addicted. Can't stop.
  6. Ezpz

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    The fact that you are edging tells me that you have a problem somewhere. My guess is that you are unhappy with yourself for binge drinking so you want to feel better again, you go to the only thing you know that makes you feel better.

    I think you need a good period of not drinking. 3 Months is a good start, that way you can also build up a nice streak on nofap too.

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