i dont know if i'm pushing women away

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by zeroHEX3, Apr 22, 2019.

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    Hey guys and girls,

    Im new to nofap and want to share a problem.
    I dont know if i'm pushing women away because of my sexual problems.

    I used to be a anti social teen who was overweight, just played videogames. Also i think i might have some dopamine problems. Naturally i went to porn. Jerked the everloving shit out of my penis. And developed erectile disfunction.

    Because of this, i never really had proper sex. I had a girlfriend when i was 17, and all i wanted to do was fuck her. I got bored of her personality, and just wanted the sex, or whatever we did.

    This still translates to life now. I'm 25, and have had no girlfriend or proper sex since then. I noticed that i got female attention in my new study and so i got very excited. This is because it seemed people never thought i was attractive. i'm still overweight. But i seem to be treating new girls in the same way.

    I go to bed with them, explain my sexual problems, they are super sweet and kind about them. But then i get bored of them. They do something cringy or whatever and it puts me off.

    The point of this whole story is. I dont know if i ditch women because i acctually dislike their personality, or because i developed some fear for attachment.

    Or maybe you cant answer this, i just want to share my story. Thanks for reading :)
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    For me, you seem to have 0 human connection.

    You just don't attach to them.

    What it is... Bad experiences, fear of attachment, apathy or attitude problems that's on you to find out AND FIX.

    You clearly have a problem that you want to fix right?
    Please don't be one of those pussies who post on here their problems and do nothing about to solve them.

    I just have a few recommendations:

    You are what you eat, so be careful of the content you are consuming (starting with porn). Violent TV shows do you no good. Neither too much video games.

    Try to read books, 5 pages a day is more than enough and should not take much of your time.

    Books like 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, think and grow rich, something useful.

    And go to a therapist.
    Try different ones if you feel they are not helping. Don't just try one and stop because that single therapist sucked.

    Just DO something and don't play the victim or indifferent/"cool" guy who gives shit about girl's feelings.

    It's amazing that you can get laid. Most guys can't, but got to work on your humanity. And work = taking action.

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