I feel like having a foot fetish makes quitting PMO even harder

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by superstorm250, Nov 15, 2021.

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    Do any other guys with foot fetishes here on the forum feel this way too? I have had a foot fetish for all my life, I have always liked girls feet for as long as I can remember and this was way before I even hit puberty or even knew what PMO was, so I know that this is a legit fetish that I have and not one that was created by PMO addiction. When I'm out in public, just seeing an attractive girl's bare feet can make me all hot and bothered and then lead to a relapse. The problem is that barefoot girls are everywhere since a girl being barefoot is not considered to be sexually revealing by anyone's standards. To make things even more ironic, looking up pictures of girls feet on Google images back when I was 12 was actually my first ever exposure to PMO. It just makes it so much harder when there's so many girls out there with cute feet and it creates a constant temptation for more PMO.
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    As somenone that also has a non-porn induced foot fetish I can relate to your post. At the height of my PMO addiction I had a compulsion to check the feet of every woman that crossed my way. Nowadays, I will still sometimes do it, but it has gotten way better. These are a few of the things helped me change:

    Realizing it is counterproductive: If a behavior becomes a trigger for relapses, then we should avoid it. If I see a woman walking towards me and get an urge to check her feet, I will remind myself to resist and not do it. I make it as pride thing, by thinking "I'm stronger than this, I will not lower my gaze". Instead, I will either keep looking straight or look to her face and smile.

    Realizing it's creepy: Many guys with a FF will rationalize that because society doesn't view feet as sexual part of the body, than it's okay to keep checking them. Truth is, if we are sexually attracted to that part of the body, than it is only reasonable that we hold ourselves to the same standards "normal" guys are. What do you think of guys that are constantly checking girl's butts? The reason why such guys are seen as creepy is because they are constantly sexualizing and dehumanizing women in everyday scenarios. A guy with a FF is no different, he only chose another bodypart to look at. Try to remind yourself that feet are just a part of a woman's body and that there is so much more to each one of them than bodyparts.

    Abstaining from porn: Yes, it's true that looking at girl's feet also made it harder for me to not relapse, but this was only the case because how addicted I was. Even if your fetish is not induced by pornography you can bet it was strengthened by it. During big streaks my foot fetish doesn't go away, but it becomes weaker as vanilla becomes more appealing. As a result, the urge to look down comes less often and it becomes easier to manage.

    In summary, try to remind yourself that looking at a girl's feet is counterproductive/creepy and that the urge to do so will become weaker as you build up your streak. Good luck man.
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    It makes no difference what your fetish is or what body part does it for you most, the same principles of addiction still apply. You telling yourself that this makes it even harder to quit is just your subconscious mind making excuses for you to not even try.

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