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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by spiderboy, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. spiderboy

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    Thank you for encouraging me! I am absolutely sure that I will find the right friends and the right girlfriend. I just feel I need them more and more.
  2. Andrew0268

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    Maybe you need to move to a new place. Maybe you need to go on a journey and travel somewhere. Maybe this is some sign that "The universe, God, Buddha, life etc." is sending you that you need to change. And maybe you just don't fit in there. Maybe you need to go somewhere else to fit it.

    I know in my hometown, I don't fit in at all. I never did. I always wanted to do something else. Nobody understood.
    The same thing happened in college, but I just tried harder to fit in and be someone who I wasn't.

    Then I moved to Japan and I found some like-minded people. Now, you don't have to move to the other side of the world. But maybe to a different area of the city, or maybe find a new job, or maybe do something different. Shake up your life. Maybe you don't really need to improve anything in order to likable.

    You seem pretty likable right now. You seem pretty smart. Maybe, you're just around a bunch of dumb bunnies. Maybe you should hang around with some other people who you gel with. Don't try to force your way in to any sort o social group.

    Also, people and dem phones. That's a big f-ing problem too. Go on a phone smashing rampage.

    I also have difficulty making friends, there are reasons for that. Sometimes, I'm too afraid to put myself out there, sometimes I just don't gel with people, sometimes people are just busy even thought they do like you, sometimes people are assholes.... Could be you're in the perfect storm of all of this. Control what you can, and let the rest go.

    also (no affiliation) why don't you try one of those sites where people meet up. there must be some sort of meet up dot com website that could connect you with like-minded people. And you know what, they are also all looking to make connections because they are lonely. This is modern life. I personally with I was more religious, then I would go to church and that would take care of a lot of my loneliness.

    good luck
  3. GentleBreeze

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    Hey spiderboy,

    Firstly you are not alone! I have a lot of respect for you for staying true to yourself despite the people you surrounded by do not seem to be harmonious to your being at all.

    Without actually hanging out with you and getting to know you, I think it is almost impossible to get to know for sure what the issue actually is.

    Though I think it is due to your surroundings, and you not being in touch with a social group that you can connect with or finding people who are on a similar path to you and have beliefs and interests in common with you.

    For years I haven't drunk alcohol, taken drugs and have followed a Vegan diet. Not until I moved to the lovely and wonderful city that I live in now have I found many people who seem to have similar thoughts and feelings to me. There were some extremely lonely and sad times. People were rude and patronising to me. But now I feel completely at home and believe it was all worth it.

    Good luck, I hope everything is going well sir! I hope this was helpful in some way.


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