I have won the battle but not the war.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by S. Anthony, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. S. Anthony

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    Well I am happy to report that on the 16th of this month I attained 90 days with no PMO.
    Porn, strip clubs, etc have been a part of my life for years and it was not until I found NoFap did I realize what my real addiction was. I always thought I had a masterbation problem and reported same to docs who percribed anti-dpresents which made me feel better but did not control my addiction. Only when I began reading theads on this site did I realize my addiction was not masterbation but pornogrophy. 90 days ago I decided to starve this addiction and stay off sex sites and away from strip clubs. The more I starved it the better I felt about myself and the easier it became to continue the battle.
    Besides the starvation, I prayed a lot especially to saints Ann, Jude and Anthony. I know they interceded for me.
    Temptations continue but at a much lessor degree. That is why I am satisfied with winning the battle but know to well the war is not finished.
    Best wishes to all of you who are trying to fight PMO. My prayers are with you and I know you too have the cumption to keep trying until you succeed.
    I am here if you need a little coaching.
  2. cud

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    Man, 90days is just a beginning!

    Keep going!
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  3. Jodokus

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    I'm glad for you @S.Anthony! Well done.

    Again I come to think that the problem of masturbation is overrated in this forum.
    Good to hear. I feel like it myself, but some ppl here frighten me, saying 'get ready for the worst nightmare of your life' or something like that. In fact I have often relapsed, when I thought I had it under control. But porn use is linked to pain with me (except from the short high o.c.) and rebooting is linked with something good for me, maybe you could call it pleasure.

    I didn't exactly go to night clubs. But I know it when the addiction has you in it's grip: Regularly porn-consume had become a standard and I was constantly thinking about how to get real sex (when in reality I just wanted to act out porn) and I needed more porn to cover the truth, that I was just a lonely wanker and couldn't look a beautiful girl straight in the eyes, cause she would have looked back, in contrast to the women in porn.

    When we look back, we can see how far we've come. Even a relapse is just a re-lapse compared to the fall into desperate worship to porn, to those fantasy, to such a life.

    Although I'm not a religious person, since I know my addiction, I understand why people pray. Sometimes I'm doing something similar. Sometimes I wonder, to whom or to what shall I pray?
  4. Alex Maier

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    You should check out Christianity. Jesus Christ is the tipe of person who would always come in your help, he will forgive all your sins and guide you into light and happiness. I'm not discrediting other religions, just sharing with you the type of peace that i've found in Jesus Christ. Peace mate
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  5. Brian V.

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    Keep pushing on! You've got the strength!
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  6. adam1992

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    Keep it up brother!

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