I just did an online political test to get an understanding of my views.

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  2. https://8values.github.io/results.html?e=43.9&d=45.7&g=63.5&s=63.8

    I got liberalism, but there's a problem with these tests imo. I feel there should be a 6th and 7th option "vaguely agree/disagree".

    A majority of the questions were too vague and I had to answer "neutral" for a majority, like:

    -Even when protesting an authoritarian government, violence is not acceptable.
    *is the gov using violence against you or arresting people?*

    It is very important to maintain law and order.
    *I don't like the word very. I wouldn't say very important*

    The general populace makes poor decisions.
    *Then there's some like this where I have no clue and gotta go neutral*

    Then there's some questions where I strongly agreed right away, a majority were either strongly or neutral which I think skwed me a bit:

    Victimless crimes (such as drug use) should not be crimes at all
    *..of course, silly.*

    No authority should be left unquestioned.
    *this one was a brainteaser. I'm reading it as "all authority should be questioned" to which the answer is hell yeah brotha*

    Prostitution should be illegal
    *yes, and no you sick freaks. It's not bc I would want to use one, I wouldn't want to pay for sex. But prostitution in principle has no business being illegal.*

    But yeah, the civil and societal axis's are very accurate. Not sure on the economical and I guess the diplomatic one is right too
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  3. Your results were social liberalism just so ya know. It's a sub category under liberalism with more of an emphasis on free markets and expansion of civil rights. Perhaps that is what you more identify with versus plain liberalism
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  5. I have a liberal brain but conservative views.
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    I think I actually am more authoritarian as I get older. I still consider myself relatively libertarian, but is it me or does theocratic fascism sound pretty legit?


    (P.S., I am not a damn neo-conservative, however; our military exists to protect our people, not to parade all over the earth destabilizing countries for the sake of drug and war profiteering, or to prop up illegitimate states and puppet dictatorships.)
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  8. I don't think that few rules like the prohibition of abortion and drugs make me statist. I'd not consider the people of Texas statist.

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  10. "Right-Wing Populism". I don't know what to say. LOL

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  11. Because unfettered capitalism leads to a stratified society where you're born into a class and usually stay there till death. If you're born poor, you'll probably die poor because you don't have access to good education, you have to work when young, you have to cope with living in a high-crime area, etc. In a welfare state system, everyone gets the opportunity to rise up. Obviously, you mustn't overdo it to the point where meritocracy is gone. But even in countries with huge social safety net, the economy is still market-based.
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  12. Simple put, in a welfare state funding is derived through taxation, which is state coercion through threat of violence. Taxation is theft on a grand scale. Unless you see a welfare state differently.

    It doesn't say capitalism, it says markets. The only way to inforce strict class protection is through state collusion and violence. Free markets exist anytime people are allow to freely interact. A market is simply a collection of human exchanges and doesn't need capitalism or any particular type of production/political system system. Besides capitalism would require people to voluntary participate without a state to enforce contracts and private property, which is how you control social class. Your neighborhood school playground has a market and there is no reason to think is it capitalist or oppressive. Peaceful trading between groups of people and mutual respect for personal and collective property are enough rules to define a free market and that can describe remote primitive tribes or massive industrial nations as long as individuals hold the power.
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  13. In the case of massive industrial nations, how do you prevent a wealthy elite from controlling everything in their favour?

    Just curious.
  14. You dont let them form a government.
  15. Interesting. Maybe there would need to be less division of labour? If we're too busy mining coal or whatever, we might not notice the other guys forming a government.
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  16. Sure. I'm all for dividing labor anyway people want as long as ownership is respected in the case of private property. Even ownership can be distributed. There are co-ops, collective work arrangements, communes etc. Its easy to share and people should. I'm just against someone from the state telling me I must share and putting a gun against my head if I dont. This site is a perfect example, people pay if they want, which I do voluntarily. I'm also not going to seize it from Alexander just because I feel it's unfair that he controls or owns it. I respect his ownership. If he wanted to voluntarily share ownership then that would be cool too. But...if Alexander wants to lobby the mafia/government to insure no other forum websites are allowed to exist and shuts them down by threat of violence then I'd hope people would be paying attention and fight back. Corporations only have impossibly unfair advantages when they use the only monopoly on force that is available, the government.
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