I masturbate to cure pied

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Doupleastronaut, Sep 4, 2019.

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    It says that to recover from sexual dysfunctions one must have sex. or if you can't have sex it says, "But for those who are single, or who want to include masturbation in their sexual repertoire, either now or after a period of abstinence, learning mindful masturbation is essential for recovery"
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    I'm actually going to try doing the same thing. I'll be pretty conservative because I know it can lead to relapse, but masturbation and edging without P aren't considered bad. It's about knowing your body.
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    exact good
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    I don't need to read it, my reboot journey speaks for itself and I have enough sense to see bullshit being propagated without smearing my feet in it to make sure.
  6. That’s what I guessed. I don’t know which is your first but in English what you are describing does not make any sense.

    Pied is porn induced sexual dysfunctIon.

    I don’t think you are a troll btw. Just young, confused.
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    no my friend i'm not confused. I have been rebooting for two years. I have read hundreds of scientific articles and I know what I say. read here, it will be easier https://www.pegym.com/articles/detr...ove-erection-quality-sexual-confidence-part-1
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    Cool, i get it. My suggestion, since you're putting effort in it, is to try to heal having real sex and not by starting the cicle again!
  9. What's he's trying to say (at least I hope) is that the best course of action is to try having sex with a woman to cure PIED (to establish a connection with a real human being). I've seen a few people's stories on how they failed a few times at first and eventually managed to have sex. It's actually a pretty decent action to take.
  10. If your restatement is right I agree. The problem I see pied users here have us they can’t get an erection.

    How would trying to have sex in that state actually happen?
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  11. It wouldn't at first, it'd simply be an attempt because men with pied haven't loss function of their erections. It's just the escalation of fetishes and desensitisation so naturally while on a streak they'd have to rewire and while at first an attempt to have sex might fail, after a few tries (while on a good streak at least) most likely it would work as they rewire their bodies to being with a partner :)

    But of course you're right the first time (maybe even second, third and so on) would probably end up with a lack of an erection so just fooling around, cuddling etc is still in the picture!

    Hope I make sense haha.
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    Can you elaborate on what you have seen? I’ve been trying to rewire with real women. I’ve been seeing many but of them often and having a lot of success with them i.e. I am getting them wanting sex by the end of the night. I can’t seem to get fully erect even with 100mg of viagra. I’ve been with 4 different girls this past week. I’ve explained by PIED and they’re cool with it (for now).

    Do you have any examples of how people tried but failed a few times before they succeeded?

    Is it like kickstarting an old car? Takes a few pumps before starting the engine?

    I can get to 70% erect with some stimulation but not matter how much stimulation I get, I can’t get beyond that. I’m not hard enough for sex plus don’t think i could hold it for long (if I use a cock ring)
  13. Hmm to be really frank, it varies a lot per person. Like some people get cured really easily, some other take much longer depending on how long they've been consuming the material.

    Some of the ones I've seen in success stories are men who had sexual encounters before getting addicted, so their brains at least know what sex was like prior to their porn use. That way it's much easier to cure their PIED.

    On the other hand so many kids/teens are exposed to and grew up using pornography before an actual sexual encounter so their progress is going to take so much longer because the only sexual release they know is through "death grip" masturbation and use of their own hands. So when it comes to rewiring through real sex, their bodies don't associate the person they're with, with sex so you end up having a limp penis. On top of that, the man will feel embarassed and anxious making things way worse.

    The way to rewire properly would be to find a partner (preferably a long term relationship) where you can cuddle/kiss etc without sex at first. Just to get your body used to a real partner. Thereafter you can slowly try having sex, and if it fails you can always try again because your body is seeing it as the only way to release from here and the natural way of course.

    Yeah it is kinda like kickstarting a car. First few tries won't work but then suddenly you'll get a spark! If you're true to your no PMO, no peeking etc. Getting porn out of your life, you'll be solid :)
  14. I think it's incredibly healthy you are asking opinions so you can make the decision best for you. I don't know enough to offer my two cents beyond I believe we each decide for ourselves what is sexual health. We are all different--different situation, different vulnerabilities, different histories, different susceptibilities to compulsive behaviors, etc. etc. What constitutes sexual health is an individual choice. Again, so that I don't delude myself though, I too believe in seeking the wisdom of others as I make my decision(s). Congrats on overcoming PIED though--awesome!
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    Strangely, I was able to have sex albeit with blue pills last year while still fapping. I’ve even had a few successful sexual experiences beginning of the year. But these past few months have been severe PIED. Don’t know why. Maybe stress in combination with fapping blew a fuse.

    I’ve been PMOing all my adult life, but only this year has my PIED become severe.

    I’m seeing this girl tonight who is super chilled. She’s incredibly generous in bed which is nice for a change. Let’s see how it goes. I’ll probably pop some V (blue pill) or C (yellow pill). Haven’t decided yet.

    I am so horny it’s nuts. Libido is up, but boner not yet hard enough for sex. I guess I’ll keep rewiring and hope it clicks
  16. Just take it easy and don't go in expecting to blow a load, but enjoy the experience. Honestly you sound fine I think you'll be better in no time :)
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    my erections have improved so much in these weeks. now I'm ready to have sex with a condom

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