I met a girl yesterday....

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by BadAtChoosingNames, Nov 1, 2019.

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    Yesterday on halloween i met a girl in a pub and it all started with talking, then we cuddled and it become making out. So we exchanged Contacts.
    After she went home my friends told me that she asked a bunch about me when i went to the toilet, so she is really interested.
    So far so good, it went better than great, but i'm very afraid what will happen if we have sex.

    University started 2 months ago, because of that i'm really stressed since weeks. Meanwhile i try to get rid of my gaming addiction completly.
    At the moment the weeks are hard but doable, sadly i started to fap regulary like every 2 days. Today i even did it twice because i'm thinking about what will happen if we have sex and it made me really nervous and anxious.
    Backstory to this is that while i was together with my last girlfriend i masturbated a lot like atleast once daily and because of that i didnt came during sex, i wasnt really interested in sex and during it my brain wasnt really there.
    This thing was reapeated itself when i had something with a girl a few months ago.

    And right now i pressure myself a lot and the thought of failure makes me really nervous/anxious. Thats why i fapped twice today and my head is spinning.
    Can i get rid of 2 addictions at once ? While stressed in university ?

    Pls help someone.
  2. TheLightOne

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    Dont think about it. You will be prepared for it with same mind youve got right niw, no need preparations.
  3. Get_It

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    Quit jacking off dude if youre going to get pussy with this new girl soon.
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  4. FellatiousD

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    You bet your [gluteus maximus] you can. I'm in university too and I've defeated porn and now I'm tackling video games and internet. Staying away from girls though. My advice: if you like this girl then do what feels natural and if something goes wrong, you will know what to improve next time. And you are more than welcome to explain your situation to her as well. Transparency is a good thing.

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