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    so I don’t want to go into it in detail but I have pure o ocd (this doesn’t affect my masturbation habits) and major depression from something that happened 3 years ago. Anyways I got spells of really bad depression currently going through one, and when I’m not I’m also depression which also diagnosed with dysthymia as well. But don’t want to admit but was probably a chronic masturbater for a while and I started getting a hour glass shape to my dick. It didn’t hurt so I thought oh well and kept to it.

    It didn’t cause me problems but now like it’s been awhile I took adderall one night and I think it fucked up mt blood vessels or something down there from the vasoconstrion on the already what I assume compressed vessels already. Now I have a indention on both sides (one is higher than he other) when hard and it’s a slight indention not much of one. And it feels like above the indention is fine but below it feels weird idk how to explain almost bumpy-ish? Still get hard and stuff no problem but it just feels odd and it this sketches me out as it probably should.

    But as I was saying yeah basically my habits are smoking weed and then getting off it’s really everyday but I feel I have fucked up my dick or something. I also sit at my computer almost which causes discomfort down there as well like sort of a numbness? And causes like a weird hard-flaccid penis. I find it hard to stop and think I’m addicted to the feeling or atleast that feeling of dopamine. I just don’t want to fuck up my dick more. I’m also 145 and fit I guess but really I just want to know if I can fix this. Thanks in advance

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