I really like a girl... I want to ask her out... But..

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Mayank Mayur, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Mayank Mayur

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    Hey there Fapstronauts. I've started NoFap just because I was informed that fapping can cause major problems socially and mentally.. So, I've been liking a girl since 6 months but I'm unable to ask her out because I'm too shy and scare that I'll be rejected.

    So, I'd like to know how has NoFap helped you to get a better life and your Love Relationship...

    Maybe..? I can also achieve something like you people have achieved...?
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  2. Runtilmylegsdropoff

    Runtilmylegsdropoff Fapstronaut

    Take your lumps like a man.
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  3. Veeav

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    It's true, don't wait, just ask her out. I think it will help your rebooting anyway :)
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  4. Headspace

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    You need to take the risk of being rejected. There is no other option. Even if you get rejected, this will not be the end of the world.
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  5. Peacekeeper

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    You have to get used to being rejected. Girls have lots of options when it comes to dating and sex, so you have to be the best version of yourself. You have made an important step abstaining, but you could improve other areas of your life as well, like exercising. Then you'll be more attractive and it won't matter to you if you get rejected because you'll have options, and the fear will be less when you approach a girl which will make you more successful.
  6. Purps

    Purps Guest

    Either she says yes and you will have date or she says no and you won't have date with her. There are plenty of girls out there.

    Get courage to ask this girl out and if it does not work then focuse on yourself and sooner or later you will find some other girl interesting.
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  7. Do it man! You can do it! Whether she feels the same way about you or not is beyond your control, but your actions are in your control. Good luck :)
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  8. silenteagle

    silenteagle Fapstronaut

    Be confident and do it!
    If you fail now,no problems,its just not the end!
  9. All the other comments have been on the first part of your post and in line with the title you have chosen. However, I have identified the question you asked (above) as the one which will help you in the long run (rather than a short fix).

    Most people that have done the NoFap 90 day challenge will testify that their confidence generally and with their preferred sex increases a lot. Masturbating a lot (with or without porn), usually results in social anxiety. But in a few months you could feel quite different. You would not have the guilt and the shame of your secret habit weighing you down.

    Here are some videos that will convince you that stopping masturbating to porn will change your life for the better! :)

  10. messanger

    messanger Fapstronaut

    the full participation of love requires the full participation of life , and yes that means risking yourself and being vunerable, those who don't participate , cant lose but that also means they can't win.

    Thanks for asking and keep us posted.
  11. John84

    John84 Fapstronaut

    You have to face your fear and just do it. You don't grow as a person if you don't leave your comfort zone.

    If you get rejected, dont chase her anymore, she'll get worried your gonna be one of those creeper guys. But be cordial , say hi if she does. Act towards her with indifference. If she still likes you as a person, she still try to be your friend.
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  12. Will_power_now

    Will_power_now Fapstronaut

    You'll never find out, until you ask her! Just ask her! Fear the rejection, but do it anyway! It's better to have a clear rejection than a pending "nothing"..Maybe you get lucky and she likes you too. Only a man who is resistent to rejection can move up the ladder.
  13. innescognito

    innescognito Fapstronaut

    So, I'm kinda in this boat too right now with a girl. We exchange a lot of looks in a class we're taking and I definitely have a crush on her. A lot of people are telling you to be all YOLO about it, which you can do if you're feeling it, but you might come off as overzealous or desperate in my opinion. I only say that cause I feel like that's how my situation is. Instead just talk to her. Say hi, introduce yourself, talk about common interests. Small talk here or there over time and then casually, say something like "Hey, what are you doing Saturday night?" Have something planned and ask her if she'd like to go with you. It could be something like "I was gonna go see this movie and I was wondering if you'd like to go with me." You can do all this over the course of a week or so. Or whatever you decide. Feel it out.
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  14. Ocean Man

    Ocean Man Fapstronaut

    I say, just because you think a girl is beautiful, you don't have to try and date her! The same way you see a guy and don't immediately want to be his friend, the same way with women! If you see a girl, see her as you would to a guy. You see a cool guy and start a conversation. That's what you do with girls, they are human! So talk to her with no expectation or ideas of banging her. Just be cool, nice , flirt with her a little and that's all!

    You can do it guys, don't give up!
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