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    Guys, help me. I told my girlfriend about NoFap... We are on vacations for 20 days and this is our first day of vacation. I was anxious about having sex and get PIED... So, we begin to kiss each other and other stuffs and we had a 5 min of sex, but a thousands of things passed into my mind so I got PIED... She started to cry and she gave to me a ultimatum.... So i had to tell her about nofap and now I dont know if she wants to still with me. I think shes disgusted with all this situation. Help!!
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  2. Yeah this is a tough one. Large percentage of women do not understand and assume we are perverts. If you convince them you are actually normal it may help... or they will think all men are perverts... it's a tricky business. I hide this from wife because I know she would not understand.

    In your case I would be as honest as you can be. Explain how you got sucked in and how you are fighting to get out and need her help
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