I want someone to care for me.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Shashank Bajpai, Nov 21, 2020.

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    Its that simple, i want someone to care for me. I don't get enough attention in my life, (probably its the story of every person struggling with loneliness). My parents think of me as a disappointment and a fool, i have a small circle of friends because i'm not good at dealing with people. I'm suffering in my career prospects and now im suffering with my nofap progress. Even i have become a failure in my own eyes. Life aint easy when you keep on loosing and no one is there to cheer you up. When you keep thinking negatively, the dopamine rush of porn feels like a relief. I know that how hard it will hit at the end but i want to feel that rush just because i haven't felt the rush of succeeding in life. I think that i (and probably you) will become successful in this journey when i learn to care for me myself and taste the bite of victory for the first time. Its easy to say but its really hard to do because my mind will always try to get the easiest and fastest way possible. Its going on with me for 2 years and i didn't knew why it happened to me.
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    My Journal
    It does not matter my friend. It really doesn't.
    It happened.
    You're not alone. This is the situation of many of us.
    We see always the bad side of things. We convince ourselves that because we're lonely now, we will be lonely forever.
    I ruined my academic carrier because of porn.
    I screwed it up. Because of the grades I got in that period it does exist work I'll never do, and post-degree programm I will never be able to follow because of it.
    But that's it. It happened.
    I am working to recover now, and that's what you should do as well.
    Your parents love you I am sure of it.
    It's a bad period so you see all their gestures as a proof of what you think.
    Your brain see what he wants to see. What confirm the theory.
    You will start to be successful when you will taste the bite of victory? Maybe.
    But it won't happen until you will ask "why me?".
    say "try me".
    Want the taste?
    Go get it.
    You can and you will.
    You already have the best person in the world that can care for you.
    Don't took that wonderful person for granted.
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    hi, I feel you. Being emotionally starved is probably one of the most underrated predicaments on this planet. If sex food and drugs could make us happy there would not be a single unhappy person on this planet . FAPPING is a drug to take away the pain, but obly takes it momentarily. I fapped 4 times today and I got my short kicks but at what cost? ED? More psychological issues? We all have a rough patch. Life is hard. Som etimes it's unbearable but if you can be motivated that one day you are going to fulfill those emotional needs by working on yourself... maybe just maybe you'll go through the hard times and reach a point where you are ac tuially fulfilled with yourswelf...
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    I can relate. I’ve been in that place most of my life.

    I started by being thankful for the small amount of my friends I had in my life and being thankful for the rare occasions they asked me to hang out.

    I started validating myself by doing slightly challenging things everyday where I knew I could earn my own respect.

    It doesn’t happen over night but as you do it every day, these thoughts of gratitude and habits that earn our internal validation really boost us up. I still don’t have a lot of friends but I do have more now and feel like I have more than enough now.
  5. iwanttoheal

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    The worst contradicting beliefs/vibes to have is to feel like you don’t get enough attention and feeling like you’re not worthy of attention at the same time. Internal validations and gratitude is the answer every single day for the rest of your life.
  6. Testify

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    Do you love yourself?
  7. InappropriateUsername

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    Chin up mate. You have fellow sufferers who know this feeling. Loneliness is a key ingredient in depression, addiction and self-pity.

    You have to break the cycle from within. Don’t worry about your parents—you be successful for you and not others. Embrace that small circle of friends and treat them kind.

    Pick one thing to become successful at, be it working out, eating healthy or a career goal. Pick it, build a plan and focus on it. Once you hit that goal, it will be easier to do the other things you want.

    most importantly, love yourself bro. We are each put on this earth for a finite time. Don’t waste it feeling sorry/-slay that monster and start to live.
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    How bout you care for you. If you base your happiness on others accepting you you are going to be disappointed. Happiness from others can be taken away at anytime. But if you care for yourself and improve yourself based on that, that can't be taken from you. And who cares if your parents think that of you a "disappointment and a fool". Does that make it true? Absolutely not. You can live and think of yourself how you see yourself which shouldn't be all on what your parents and others think. Or else you will be very disappointed in life.
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    this is terrible. even i received a lot of criticism while growing up. eventually it became my inner voice. no amount of forgiveness or letting go videos help me. nothing really helps.
    that's okay. at times even 1 friend is more than enough.
    are you studying or looking for job?
    therapy helped me to some extent. can u visit a therapist?
  10. Testify

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    exactly. first love yourself and then the world outside, as a mirror, will show you love. this is the theory.

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