I want to stop everything about PMO.

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by PhantomCy, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. PhantomCy

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    I relapsed just an hour ago, I felt extremely down, tired, self-abused, guilty, shameful... This is not my first regret, I tried to control myself, stopped to relapse this karma again and again. But there is always a billion of reasons to watch those disgusting videos when I was tempted.

    I really want to stop. This is my new start but with NoFap this time. I hope that this will change my entire life and become a confident, healthy, and forceful person. Wish me good luck.

    Sorry for my bad English anyway.
  2. Homo Deus

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    Hi there, welcome to the community.

    Great to have you here. I encourage you to come back and check in daily. This is a very good place to be and here are some of the most supportive guys in the world. We are warriors, we fight a very serious addiction here. I am not going to lie to you, your journey will be hard, but it is possible, and at the end, a new better life is waiting for you.

    I would like to say that the most important thing in our journey is education. Educate yourself about the addiction. Once when we know against what we are fighting, its get a lot easier. Also, meditation, workout, reading, socializing are very helpful tools but you will get to that while you educate yourself.

    Btw your English is fine, good luck!
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  3. naruku00

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    It can be hard, but remember that every sensation, every urge you have will pass. Just try to not follow it. Today is my 12 day of reboot, but I am really determined.
    Better than relapsing, go here and write for you as well for us what you fill, that should help! I am with you. GL Bro!
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  4. PhantomCy

    PhantomCy Fapstronaut

    Thanks to both for welcoming. Of course, I will maintain actively here, I felt that this is a motivational and supportive community, let's fight together and overcome this addiction :emoji_muscle:

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