If having sex has become your life dream it's over

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Sex is supposed to be a normal everyday fun activity shared by two or more people. If you are a lonely virgin and it seems like a magical dream, well, its gonna stay that way.

    Dreams are things that we wont but dont know how/cant achieve. The things that we can achive are called "goals".

    Dreaming about sex means you cant get it and its gonna stay that way FOREVER. Its like dreaming about flying lol.
  2. Wrong, sexual intercourse is intended to create life and supposed to happen only in marriage.

    Well, back in 2017 I prayed to the Lord, but I didn't ask for fornication or other sinful shit, because that would have been pretty stupid. Back then I had no idea how my "dream" prayer could ever be answered.

    It got answered. Exactly as asked - as soon as the circumstances allowed for it. All that was needed was obedience.

    Maybe you dream about sin, because you are possessed? Let's pray for you.
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  3. who made these rules lol? marriage is a social construct.

    god decided some men will be virgins
  4. God made them.

    Men can't be virgin, because they are missing the hymen. Men can only stay celibate. If they stay celibate involuntary they are called incel.

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