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Did you eliminated or reduced meat, dairy and sugar?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Planning to do that

  4. Maybe I will do that

  5. Sugar yes, meat and dairy no

  6. Meat and dairy yes, sugar no

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  1. Always be positive

    Always be positive Fapstronaut

    You dont want to get rid of meat with thinking "i dont want to get rid of it, but i will get rid of it against my will" you will become slave of it, whatever you forbide yourself it becomes very attractive, those are just examples:

    tell yourself you wont look out the window and after 1 hour you will have very big desire to look out the window, even if you know its nothing out there

    tell yourself you wont go somewhere you want to go and you will be first who will appear

    one tree was very attractive to adam and eve, even if they had whole heaven only that 1 tree was very attractive to them just becouse it was forbidden to them

    Thats how our human mind function, whenever you forbide yourself something it becomes very attractive, if you get rid of meat and sugar in that way "i forbide it to myself, even if i want it i forbide it to myself against my will" you will return to it and eat 100 times more, even if you wont you will think about it 24 hours a day, if you are going to get rid of meat and sugar in that way then dont

    You will get rid of it without any problem after watching this:

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  2. The reason humans like to come back to meat is because of how nutritious it is, to leave it out of your diet is absurd.
  3. Always be positive

    Always be positive Fapstronaut

    I gave you all proofs that meat is not needed for anyting and all nutrients you can get from other sources

    Think what you want, i dont care
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  4. I just don't think you should press a diet on people which isn't nutritionally sufficient. That's why you have to take supplements and there are debates on whether vitamin supplements can be absorbed in your body.
  5. Always be positive

    Always be positive Fapstronaut

    Vegans dont need any supplements, ive heard somewhere long time ago that vegans need vitamin b12 to take sometimes in 12 years, but actually ive been reading these days about it, vegans dont miss anyting


    What all media do to peoples mind, whatever else they hear what media didnt say they wont believe it, even if proofs are in front of their eyes, you are brainwashed sheep and programmed robot
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  6. I'm not a sheep trust me. I woke up to all the lies the media have been telling us, especially on things like 9/11 and the USA's imperialistic foreign policy which they call 'Humanitarian interventions'. I'm sure we are like minded on those aspects. But to say that veganism isn't being promoted by the mainstream media is a lie.
  7. Always be positive

    Always be positive Fapstronaut

    I dont know why you are fallowing me everywhere in forum and wanting to argue with me? You are boring

    If society was vegetarian, you would be vegeterian too
    If society eats cats and dogs, you would eat cats and dogs too
    You are not leader, you live like they served to you, even thinking like them and judging everyone who thinks differently, so yes you are sheep

    They also teach you how is healty to eat 5 times a day
    They teach you how masturbation is healthy
    They teach you how you need to eat meat for nutrients, those are examples but there are 1000 examples

    Then tell me why mainstream media is not showing biggest tragedy in world where innocent victims are screaming? Where mother running for her lost child and crying? You are without empathy, selfish and caring only about yourself and no one else

    Do i look like i pushing anyting to anyone? All i did is i gave information and left them choice, i didnt told to anyone "you have to get rid of meat"

    Are you nutrient guru? No? Then why you act like you are?

    This is group Hindu Fapstronauts, which is however connected to compassion and caring about others, you even joined here so you can reply and argue, if you have that much free time on your hands i dont, even if i had i wouldnt spend it with arguing on internet, spread your negativity somewhere else
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  8. Always be positive

    Always be positive Fapstronaut

  9. The only reason vegans 'need' vitamin b12 is because of the way supermarket produce is processed and washed. Freshly grown organic veg from a reputable source contains traces of soil, with a higher nutritional profile and microorganisms which contain the necessary nutritional content 'missing' from a vegan diet.

    4,000 years + of religious practitioners subsisting and thriving on plant-based diets provides more compelling evidence to me than the corrupt, corporate-controlled, academically inbred scientific community of today. I'll be more accepting of scientific research into diet etc. when the funding is diverted to new frontiers, researchers are allowed to make bold, currently taboo hypotheses, and the results are demonstrably unbiased. Might be waiting a while ;)
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  10. Always be positive

    Always be positive Fapstronaut

    Great answer

    At least someone who is open minded and thinks outside the box
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  11. HegHeu

    HegHeu Fapstronaut

    What about sattvic food i dont eat it but i am interested on your views about sattvic foods and leading a sattvic life
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  12. Paf-On

    Paf-On Fapstronaut

    Thanks for inspiring video..
    It's same with my imagination...
    I have monster urge on my shoulder... And whenever I'm weak, the monster will whispering and attack my brain to do PMO...
    So stay sharp and carefull @Always be positive
  13. Poetic fool

    Poetic fool Fapstronaut

    how exactly do you manage your weight with 16 hrs of fasting?
    I am writing "exactly" in the question because i want to know the process you follow.
    I became quite thin after fasting.
  14. BraveBear

    BraveBear Fapstronaut

    Look up "Intermittent Fasting" brother. Finally Western medicine is starting to open up to these ideas. My friend has been enjoying a very healthy and lean body with this schedule:

    8am - wake up, drink some black coffee, no milk, no sugar (I know, he would be healthier if he had tea)
    1pm - avocado toast, totally vegan
    6pm-ish (never later that 8pm) - one more meal, vegan

    That's it. He has been doing this for over a year and says he feels great.

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