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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by halfwolf, Aug 28, 2021.

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    Hi guys, I'm new here. Signed up a while back but it's taken me quite a while to pluck up the courage to post, and also to admit I have a problem. I have a porn addiction that I have been wrestling with my whole adult life. I'm now 37, married with a child, and have another on the way. My addiction has worsened considerably since the first lockdown began, and even now my life is slowly returning to normal, I feel my addiction is as strong as it ever has been. It's making me miserable and I am struggling to find ways of kicking the habit. Any advice, support, or suggestions would be most welcome.

    halfwolf x
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    One thing that has helped me immensely was to keep a journal of my feelings before and after I watched porn. To document my feelings before watching porn helped me identify my root causes on why i watched porn. Much to my surprise i found it was boredom that caused me to watch porn. I was bored and would watch porn to pass the time.

    To go back and read how i felt afterwards also helps to keep me away from porn because i could see how ashamed, alone, and depressed i felt afterwards. All feelings I want to avoid.

    You may also need to identify your "why" on why you need to quit born. Wife, child, and another on the way would be a big reason to quit porn. Imagine all the time you spend watching porn, could be time spend with your children and wife.
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  3. Hi Halfwolf,

    Congratulations on your second little one. Clearly you have chosen to take on some big challenges in your life! And as they say, "we're never given more than we can handle."

    I know I don't know you, but I believe firmly in that age old saying, so as afr as I'm concerned, all of us here have the power to overcome this challenge. It just takes time, a concerted effort and determination to never give up, because there is no other option, but to continue.

    Welcome to this great site and if you find you need something more than posting, maybe try signing up to a weekly drop-in group which is another great way to find and give support to each other.

    All the best with your challenge goals!

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