Inner peace and rest

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    By watching pr0n and fapping you will never get inner peace and rest, the opposite is exactly the case. Only by the absence thereof can it succeed. Every time you do it you get fucked, but then by yourself. Especially when it goes in such a way with those degrading images, don't forget that. Once you have made the choice, one of the mistakes that is made is that after a while a kind of hostile attitude arises, because it is seen as a kind of unnecessary 'challenge' instead of a daily discipline such as getting out of bed. The extra energy that can arise must be put somewhere, otherwise it can lead to a relapse. Skipping routines can also lead to this, because then you are more inclined to extend that to other disciplines. Several scientific studies have already been conducted into the negative effects of pr0n and they don’t lie. Due to the regular exploitation of the nervous system by means of the pr0n / jerks, the tolerance that occurs requires increasingly intense and strange stimulation. People are going to push the boundaries in the types of pr0n, but also apart from that by risky and strange actions. The desperate journey to get the remaining receptors to work.
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