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    Hello! Greeting from Indonesia!

    This is not the first time I want to reboot and to get my life on track again. So many times I've cried but the very next day I went into porn again.

    I'm 22 years old now. If I'm right, I met porn 9-10 years ago, because of curiosity about human reproduction system. And then... I got lost in hentai manga website. Until now, I've watched various kinds of porn (from America, Australia, and Japan) except BDSM, gay, tentacles (or "animal" genre), and another creepy stuffs.

    My life has been torn apart. I broke up with my girlfriend. I couldn't concentrate well, especially on my job now. There's a time when the urge was strong then I masturbated in office bathroom (okay I'm embarrassed now) or several times in public library. I felt my social life was somehow terrible. Real woman do not attract me for now (this is pathetic). I felt distance with people around me.

    When I'm typing these words, my heart cry for sure.

    Then I found NoFap. I hope, together, we can truly be freed! May God always be with us and protect our soul from evil's snares.

    This is my biggest journey ever and surely, eventually, I want to become a winner.

    Alright, brothers and sisters, let the journey begin. Please be with me.
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    You can do this. Be strong and stay consistent with nofap for support!
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    Hey bud, I'm here with ya. I know what lengths we go to to pleasure ourselves in the name of porn, it is embarrassing and sad. I think we can all relate to that. That's why I'm here. To shed the weight of no honor. Look at the benefits of quitting though. There are SO many. Let that be your motivation. It will help you strive for something and look forward to it. Especially when you want to relapse. God bless you man. Reach out if you need support. Iron sharpens iron bro.

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