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    “According to Ayurveda, semen is the last Dhatu that is formed out of food. Out of food is manufactured chyle. Out of chyle comes blood. Out of blood comes flesh. Out of flesh comes fat. Out of fat comes bone. Out of bone comes marrow. Out of marrow comes semen. These are the Sapta Dhatus or the seven Dhatus that support this life and body. Mark here how precious is semen! It is the last essence. It is the Essence of essences. The Veerya comes out of the very marrow that lies concealed inside the bones. There are three divisions in each Dhatu. Semen nourishes the physical body, the heart and the intellect. Only that man who uses the physical body, the heart and the intellect can have perfect Brahmacharya”

    (Other sources have the same article)
    Guys ,I'm trying to investigate this and find supporting evidence on the net. This thread is a work in progress. I have 2-3 hours to waste and am trying to get some evidence to satisfy my own burden of proof:

    I will not post too many sources as it is not a scientific or journal publication
    Never heard of Chyle: Lets see:

    Wikipedia: Chyle (/kaɪl/; from the Greek word χυλός chylos, "juice"[1]) is a milky bodily fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fats, or free fatty acids (FFAs). It is formed in the small intestine during digestion of fatty foods, and taken up by lymph vessels specifically known as lacteals.

    1. : a milky fluid containing emulsified fat and other products of digestion, formed from the chyme in thesmall intestine and conveyed by the lacteals and the thoracic duct to the veins.

    Medicinenet,com : Chyle: A fluid consisting of a mixture of lymphatic fluid (lymph) and chylomicrons that has a milky appearance. Chylomicrons are small fat globules composed of protein and lipid (fat) which are combined in the lining of the intestine. Chylomicrons are found in the blood and in lymphatic fluid where they serve to transport fat from its port of entry in the intestine to the liver and to adipose (fat) tissue.

    Self: Definitely is a by-product of digestion. Multiple articles claim it goes into blood formation an circulation through Throracic duct
    Thoracic Duct: The thoracic duct is the largest lymphatic vessel within the human body, and plays a key role in the lymphatic system. It is also called the left lymphatic duct or the alimentary duct. A large portion of the body's lymph is collected by this duct and then drained into the bloodstream near the brachiocephalic vein between the internal jugular and the left subclavian veins.

    Although small, the thoracic duct is very important because it conveys most of the lymph to the bloodstream – including the lymph from the intestines. The intestinal lymph is called chyle, and its special importance is that it contains most of the fat absorbed from food; it is owing to the fat that the contents of the thoracic duct are milky in appearance after a meal.

    Wikipedia: Flesh is the soft substance of the body of a living human or other animal. In a human or other animal body, this consists of muscle and fat; for vertebrates, this especially includes muscle tissue (skeletal muscle), as opposed to bones and viscera.[1] Animal flesh, as food, is called meat. In plants, "flesh" is the tissue of the plant.

    Self: Surprisingly not much input I could find. However since its formed from Muscle and fat which both have origins in blood
    Muscle and Bones: Lot of literature available on this: Made through food , fat , cartilage etc.

    Semen and Marrow:

    Immature sperm cells have been created from human bone marrow, it was revealed today.

    The breakthrough raises the future possibility of manufacturing sperm that can be used in IVF treatment or to restore fertility to men made sterile by cancer therapy.
    Marrow and Blood:


    There seems to be separate research on the semen and marrow connection. Also research on Blood and Marrow connection.

    Cerebrospinal fluid and Semen

    From the foregoing, it is clear that there is an important internal physiological relation between the secretions of the sex glands and the central nervous system, that the loss of these secretions, voluntarily or involuntarily, exercises a detrimental effect on the nutrition and vitality of the nerves and brain, while, on the other hand, the conservation of these secretions has a vitalizing effect on the nervous system, a regenerating effect on the endocrine glands and a rejuvenating effect on the organism as a whole.
    In the end I would like to say there is a lot of literature available to connect the dots. I do believe that there is some truth to the claim that semen is a refined essence similar in composition to marrow and cerebrospinal fluid and takes almost everything that a person has to be able to produce. Its loss is debilitating as is also evident from hundreds of experiences on Nofap
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    I've been thinking about this a lot too, though I have not researched this as much as you have.
    I think they're interesting claims that absolutely need more investigation, as there is a real dose of truth to it but also a lot of mystery.
    Thanks for sharing!
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