Is it PID or a Health issue ?

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    I'm 33 years old addicted to Porn for at least 13 years. last few months, I was masturbating to much. Then suddenly I felt that I lost my power. No complete Erectile even when I'm watching Porn, it takes long time to have soft erection . The problem started when I get engaged and I felt no attractive to my fiancee even though she looks very pretty.

    I went to the doctor. He told me this is normal and you can use Tadafil 5mg for a month. Well, it helps little but it didn't solve the issue. Then I went back to the doctor and I did Testerone and Prolactin Test and everything was normal. I got confused then I heard about Venous leakage. I would like to do Doppler ultrasound to check, but then I found many stories about the porn addiction. I realized that I had damage my brain.

    The thing that scaring me is that, even when I'm watching porn there is no respond, no hard erectile very soft one and once I stop the masturbating the erect will disappear directly.

    Most the stories talking about PID in normal sex with the female, in the same time good or hard erectile with pornography. but for me I have PID in both !!!

    Moreover, I notice my penis became less sensitive than before, less sensitive for masturbating or for the touching.

    Can any body confirm with me same symptoms ?
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