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Is this weird?

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by fadedfidelity, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. fadedfidelity

    fadedfidelity Fapstronaut

    Let me start by saying that my husband is a great guy and I love him dearly. He has always done anything for me and will go out of his way to help me. But, I find this one thing to be strange and not normal compared to other men I have dated in the past. My husband doesn't seem to worry about me cheating on him (Even though he travels for work and sometimes stays out of town overnights, mind you) and doesn't seem bothered by other men flirting or wanting to be with me. But the thing that really throws me for a loop is he also doesn't seem upset, jealous, protective, hurt, or threatened by other men asking for pictures or panties from me if they offered money.(Past situations.) Blows my mind! I think I would be like, nope, my husband, my man...no Bueno. I would cut a person if I needed to! LOL

    To me, it feels like he either doesn't love me enough to be hurt by it or doesn't think I am attractive enough to gain an interest from the opposite sex. Both suck. I mean, this could be a good thing and he just isn't a jealous person. It could also be because he has lost emotion over time from PA and lacks self confidence. It could be that our relationship feels strong enough for him not to worry too, right?

    Obviously, I am not cheating nor flirt with other men. But I wonder why he doesn't seem to feel typical emotions like most other people would in those situations? I want my husband to fight for me and protect me if need be! I want my husband to stand guard and only want my body for himself and no others to see. Am I the only woman who feels this way? I am not looking for him to be a super jealous, controlling, macho douchebag--just a normal guy. What do you think?
  2. Faceplanter

    Faceplanter Fapstronaut

    I don't worry about this with my wife either. Maybe he just knows you won't?

    She's been seeing a personal trainer in the mornings recently. It's outside, in public spaces, but I'm at home so I can't know for certain that's true. She likes the guy, making sure I know she means that only in a professional client way, but the most I get is a little inkling to pay attention to the situation. Not jealous.

    So, I get some guys will be protective but that might say more about them or their past than anything else.
  3. Queenie%Bee

    Queenie%Bee Fapstronaut

    TBH I asked this very question before . It’s because HE trusts ME implicitly. My response “ what does that feel like lol
  4. anewhope

    anewhope Fapstronaut

    There is a third possibility - that he has a cuckold fetish and finds (the abstract concept of) your infidelity arousing. Has he ever shown an interest in that type of porn?
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019

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