It cannot be emphasized enough...BEWARE OF TRIGGERS!

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by GrabTendencies, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. GrabTendencies

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    So up until a few minutes ago I was on a 8 day streak. The reason why that came to an end today is actually a cautionary tale that's been said many, many times over by others but I honestly don't believe it ever gets old. Triggers. I was about to take an afternoon nap and I randomly decided to go on Instagram to see what was going on (as someone that's only been part of the Instagram bandwagon for about a week now, it still fascinates me). I guess I was a little naive, but I didn't know that x-rated pics are not at all uncommon there. As fate would have it, I stumbled upon a few accidentally. It doesn't take much guessing to know what happened next.

    I felt the need to just emphasize to people here (especially the newbies) that triggers are called triggers for a reason. You may not feel them in the first few days, but as time goes on the 'knock' gets louder and if the right support structures are not in place, it is VERY easy to fall back into the vicious cycle we're caught up in. I will admit that I haven't quite paid attention to all the suggestions others have presented mainly because I thought I was immune to many things. Well...turns out that I'm not. I'm not hating myself though, and I think that's the other thing I wanted to say. Relapsing doesn't mean you've failed. The key is knowing why you failed, and improving on that the next time. It will be easier for some and harder for others.

    I just know that I have an addiction, and I'm doing what I can to beat it. I wish nothing but success to the rest of you.
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  2. Jmak290

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    A lesson well learned, my friend. Thank you for sharing your insights. That is what we all need to do. Evaluate our stumbles, investigate them like that bald detective sucking on that lollipop. We need to ask ourselves questions like the crazy, stupid detective with the trench coat.

    How did I get to that point? What sign post did I whiz past? I missed something. Let me look back and investigate. Where was I on the night of August 17th at approx 7:30 pm?

    I have determined that taking technology to the bedroom is not a good idea at times I feel the urge within me to submit to wrong is most strongest.

    Triggers and red flags are priority checkpoints that cannot be ignored.

    Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Gene

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    Such simple innocent things are often triggers. You wake up thinking, no, im not doing it today. Everything goes well, and then something simple, completely non-sexual, something you would never expect starts a chain reaction in your brain which somehow leads to sexual thoughts. I don't understand it. It happened to me today...
  4. Jmak290

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    Now here's the importance of this forum and the awesomeness of it all.

    Sometimes when we are just talking and chatting and just conversations are hard to follow because sometimes I don't understand their lingo. Sometimes they chat about DoD and technological advancements.

    But here in the forum everything is right on. I get it. I can relate to what you guys are saying.

    How many of us can go into a Carl's Jr. and have no second thoughts? Or watch the Super Bowl and have no problems with the commercials? I'm telling myself not to watch the TV police drama major crimes that's a trigger for me? No if I do watch it I don't fall off the wagon but it can lead to it?

    A simple thing happened to me on the way to the store several weeks ago. It was simple and innocent no big deal.

    A while back I considered increasing my showers almost twice a day or even more if needed. I was thinking about something I could use to wash my back there's so much out there that could help in that isolated area of my back.

    I got to the store and I walked around and I was not seeing what I was looking for so I asked for help. She escorted me to the area where they had back washing utensils. The struggle began as I looked in Saul long handled wooden spoons with a sponge on one side.

    Images and memories of past began to flicker on the screen of my mind. I can blister my butt and enjoy the self discipline etc... Etc... Etc...

    I did buy one of them but the sponge was built in all the way around the long handle. I wasn't expecting it I wasn't planning it just going to the store and it it's me. But within a couple of days I did have a stumble and fall that was only one straw on the camels back.

    What I see is that I must take the Boy Scout approach and be prepared. I need to be like Batman and have a utility belt for every occasion that I come up against simple or complex. Or I can H myself and say that I need the bag of tricks that Felix the cat has.

    I need to be able to take a chill pill before that might be able to carry me through any situation for the day. In the military and in compat it's the simple things that can get us killed or at least wounded. What can I do?
  5. GrabTendencies

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    Thank you for your responses, guys. It's now the end of the day and it actually got a little worse. That chain reaction that Gene mentioned was happening from the time of my original post until now. Coupled with some rather unexpected family related stress, PMO seemed like a good idea. It obviously wasn't. I'm still on the brightside. Very much on it. Sorry if I come across at all like a wimp or anything. I'm working on that resilience factor.
  6. RoyalGambino

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    Hello there, GrabTendencies.

    Don't think so much about it, occupy your time. A little motivation for when I feel like a relapse may be occurring, I remind myself the valuable energy I'd be wasting doing so, I've always felt like PMO has made me weaker in the mind and body and constantly left me fatigued. I have a passion for technology and programming, so guess what I replaced my addiction with?

    Obviously you don't have to be coding, but find a hobby, or perhaps even a trade or skill. Get stronger Tendencies, become a great man one step at a time.


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