It's kind of messed up being so controlled by a sexual thought and sexual impulse?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Oct 1, 2020.

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    It's crazy how much control these thoughts and impulses can actually have over you. It's almost so powerful that you feel like this thought has complete control over your life. It's as if nothing can stop you. But then after you ejaculate these thoughts and impulses completely vanish to the point you no longer care about them what so ever. You actually even might feel like it is somewhat pathetic that these thoughts previously had such control of you.

    Like maybe you have a weird porn induced fetish, then these thoughts become powerful and you get massive urges, getting powerful thoughts that you want to engage in this weird stuff. But then after you ejaculate you think to your self how pathetic is that, and you have no urge to engage in it what so ever.

    Like I said it's just crazy how these thoughts and impulses can become so powerful that they can have such control over you.

    I feel like it's a bit stupid allowing these thoughts and impulses to control you. I feel like they are not actually your rational thinking, they are not actually who you really are as a person. They are more just temporary thoughts and impulses.
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    They are not, they are an addiction that is hard to break, the hardest I've encountered. I feel like a different person when under their "control". They become ok, and that's not good. Even though I'm aware of the bad that came after I don't "feel" it like I feel those damn urges and images taunting me. Yesterday I relapsed after 6 days on a bad whim and only spent 5 minutes, but still felt like royal crap afterwards. 10 days, 9 days, 3 days, 6 days that's where I'm at.
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    but eventually, we'll learn to ignore them right?
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    I am a completely different person when my urges hit and I give in, I become hostile and angry towards everyone and destructive to, I have broken a couple electronics from stepping on them because it makes me careless, and when I release it all I come back to myself and realize I was possessed.
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    Yes that's how I feel, like a slave that has just been given the key to freedom. Except, it's not freedom, it's bondage. No matter how good it looks or how good you get off, it will always take away your real freedom. It's hard to accept this and let go of what we worship in the taboo world.
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  6. Don’t believe the lies. You’re the one in control of you
  7. Urges can be insanely strong. Whenever I relapsed, I felt like a zombie. I would go on sites and scroll for hours, being unable to stop.

    It is well known that excessive porn usage damages the brain(most exactly the parts that deal with control and pleasure), therefore we become weaker at keeping control of the mind and this aspect transfers to the other parts of our lives.

    However, we can totally recover from this. Every urge defeated is basically like lifting weights for the brain. In time you have more and more control and you become an expert in dealing with them.
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