It's time to end this life consuming addiction

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by nmav86, Feb 22, 2014.

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    Greetings from Puerto Rico! I'm a 28 y/o female and I have been addicted to PMO since age 16, altought been masturbating since age 12. And I just came to a point in life that I just can't simply do it anymore. My life is an emotional trainwreck. I have been single for the last 6 years by ending an abusive relationship of 6 years as well. Everytime I was depressed, lonely or just simply wanted out all the stress, i used to PMO but I know its time to change for good!! theres a family that loves me that has no idea Ive been strugglin with this for so long and can't be really open about it with them because I feel so ashamed all the time. So im does this NOFAP thing and all the help and support is going to be welcomed. Thanks a lot!
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    Good luck, welcome.
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    nm, welcome to a land of healing. I admire you for being here, especially since you are female. You are so much to be admired for taking the first step to restoration and healing. If I were 22, I would want to get to know you a lot better.
    There is a section her for females, but please still look at ybop and read the blogs about successes even though they are mostly from males. I imagine you will relate to many of them, but if you don't, just ignore the ick factors that us males have.
    I encourage you to blog blog blog. Read and read some more. Infiltrate your brain with healthy stuff. I will pray for you, and I wish you much success in this fight for your freedom. You can and you will do it, one day at a time.

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