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  1. What's the point of looking at sexually arousing things (women, images, etc.) if you don't intend to jerk off or have sex? This sounds like a rhetorical question, but if you think about it for a while, why do we do this? You would think that if we aren't interested in jerking off or having sex, we would be able to decide to just ignore hot women (from a straight male's POV).

    But it seems that we lack a certain degree of autonomy when it comes to sexuality. If you're not hungry, you don't think about food. But if you're not horny, you immediately become horny when you see a big pair of tits or a butt or something. Even if you have told yourself that you will not engage with these things in any way, you still have the overwhelming desire to stare.
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    I do not agree. If you are not hungry but you will see or smell your favorite meal or snack you will start to desire it even if you do know that it will make you feel bad and fat in the long run. Likewise when you see a Porsche (or some other supercar), well you know you do not need such a car but you desire it of course, not everyone likes cars but you got the idea. The same is true of the lust for power, money or simply prosperity. It is generally believed that what makes us different from animals is that we have a choice and do not have to follow these instincts. Either way, they are not totaly bad after all, they helped mankind to survive for many thousands of years. The most important thing is to use them wisely and not to let them take complete control of us.
  3. True. I guess I was having a low-IQ moment. I do acknowledge that there is a biological reason for men being horny all the time. But from a logical perpsective it seems weird to engage in behavior that you told yourself 5 minutes ago that you were determined to avoid. Nature has a way of fucking us over sometimes, even though these imperatives are necessary. I guess there's multiple ways of looking at it.
  4. Good old boredom can lead to some very senseless things. You'd be surprised if you made a list of them.
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  5. Because they are different things. You can't compare them tip to toe, and get everything lining up right.
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  6. Yeah it was a bad analogy
  7. That's a high IQ question, It's definitely pointless, when I was drown in addiction I needed it just to feel normal as my dopamine receptors sensitivity was fucked up, it isn't the content you see, but the dopamine it gives you, that's why it was alluring to stare and keep searching for that "girl with the perfect body" or perfect porn video, there is no such thing actually, you're just chasing that next dopamine high
    Many times I tried edging after a clean 20 or 30 day streak, while I was completely aware not to ejaculate, after doing that I realized that all sexual content is completely pointless if you don't masturbate to it, it's just a tool to get you to ejaculate, if you don't, then it's nothing, it's just completely pointless and boring, and very repetitive, it's all the same, I wish there was some creativity in sexual content, maybe the addiction would've been a little better, it would've been kinda enjoyable at least
    This realization helped me quit altogether, you won't ever be satisfied, just think about all the sexual content you consumed through all these years , all the bodies and sexual acts you've seen, you realize how pointless it is
    It's all about dopamine, once you have a healthy mind and something in life that gives you natural dopamine you'll most likely stay away from all of this and feel how unnatural it is, porn isn't necessarily bad, but it is definitely not natural
    Sex and eating aren't much different, it's the same system, problem is sexual desire is stronger and has an easy outlet which doesn't require you to do any effort, porn and masturbation, which satisfy in the short term but keep you unnaturally hooked afterwards, while hunger can't be solved except in a natural way which is basically eating, and it will be satisfying for awhile
    It's like eating sugar is just like watching porn, gets you addicted, never gets satisfying or fulfilling, most likely destroys you in the long run, detch it altogether and you'll be free, and you'll enjoy that damn salad, the fullfling nutritious foods will feel so much better for you than them tasty cupcakes
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    I think these are rather philosophical considerations. My opinion is that people nowadays think they are all rulers of nature, that they themselves are above nature but in my opinion we are just part of it and we can deny it, fight it or just accept and live with it in peace. I do not think that this only applies to our time, the Romans also thought that they had already reached the peak of civilization development and had similar problems.
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    I have pondered upon this question.
    I agree. Logically, it dosen’t make sense.
    But Emotions are mostly illogical.

    I have come to the conclusion that it’s out of boredom. Just for tp man!
    The people who do nothing in life, literally nothing must be facing this problem intensively compared to the ones who live a swift, busy life.

    On a second thought, I think there’s more to it than meets the eye.
    It’s got to do with Biology and to how we are brought up.
    “Beautiful is Nice” that’s what’s fed into our brains since childhood.

    *Teaching a child* How is that Dress? Beautiful! *with a wide smile, Gesturing Nice, Child’s brain releases Serotonin. Amygdyla rules, Beautiful is pleasureable.*
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    So all I have to do to be free is cut off my dick?

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