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Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by ironmaing, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. ironmaing

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    34M with PIED. NoFap for almost 90 days.

    Been an amazing journey and have noticed tremendous benefits to my life. I act more manly, confidence is high, women are throwing themselves at me, clear focus, motivation and eagerness to keep improving.

    I am, however, stuck at semi boners. I am with a girl and will remain at around 60-70% erection no matter the stimulation. I’ll wake up with 100% boner, but just can’t get one with a girl.

    Probably just need to give it more time but I’m rewriting with women every night this past week and will continue to do so. Wondering if anyone also had more sensitivity to get a semi boner but couldn’t get 100%.

    Any tips would be very welcome to get that 30% erection to reach 100%!
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  2. Klici

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    As I understand you have sex every night. Maybe you need to take a break for few days...
  3. Daxos

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    Remember that 90 days is only to break the habit of PMO. The addiction will still be there for a long time, but your habit has been broken. Your brain may need longer than 90 days to fix PIED. 90 Days is just a number. There are too many variables. Most people need more than 90 days to fully recover. You are well on your way, but it may take a couple more weeks until your erectile health is 100% again. I had the same. At 84 days I was able to get 100% erections on my own, but only weak semi's when with girls. I was still actively rewiring. too bad I relapsed and since then never reached 84 days again...
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  4. ironmaing

    ironmaing Fapstronaut

    I finally managed to get to 100% with girl(s). 3 of them this past few days. I do need the blue dick pills though to get my to that 100% but its nevertheless progress. Rewiring is so important. Its like something in me clicked.

    I will never relapse. I can only grow from here. I've been given a second chance in life and I owe it to myself to continue nofap forever. You can do it too brothers!!
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  5. modernstore99

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    The first month I tried having sex after my 90 days I was not 100% hard during sex. Focus on having a good time with them, not your erection or finishing. Good positions are missionary or spooning, both for intimacy and feel. Make sure these women know you have trouble finishing so they don't feel shitty about themselves and will wanna keep having sex. After a while, your erections will start to be much harder and sex will feel much better. Maybe also take 4-5 days btw having sex, that will help. Try going without the pills too. This is PIED, not regular ED
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  6. GreenSwampGuy

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    How are your erections now?
  7. ironmaing

    ironmaing Fapstronaut

    Spot on advice. Thank you so much. So, the day after posting this I had amazing sex. Reliable erection (albeit with ED pills) that lasted through the entire sex.

    I’ve had sex now about 5 times with 3 different women. Last one tonight and I do think that I need to take it easy. I am realizing that I struggle to have sex 2 days in a row even though I can have sex 2 times in one night.

    The girl tonight I really had to force it. She was so fffff hot and so up for it. Took time but ended giving her an amazing orgasm. She said she’s never had sex for so long (foreplay + sex) we lasted 2 hours :)

    I’m having such a great time and feeling amazing. I see my gf (btw she wants me to rewire with other women) in about a week. So need to try the every other day sex....

    Odd that I was extremely horny this morning but during the encounter tonight I was nervous. Not really my PIED nerves, but was kinda there
  8. modernstore99

    modernstore99 Fapstronaut

    Tbh I broke up with my gf about a month ago and did some PMO after, so I'm not sure how my erections would be with a lady. Going no PMO until I get with someone else; if no PIED then great, if yes then I guess I gotta do the 90 again.

    BUT when I was with my girlfriend, things were different. After the reboot, sex felt more intense than pleasurable, and I could barely get more than a semi. Cumming kinda hurt, just like my body was pushing something out. We were relegated to just missionary and spooning because I just couldn't get hard enough to do other positions/these were the only ones that felt good. Like literally if we tried any position where I was standing or on my knees, my erection would completely go away after 5 minutes.

    Over time though, things get wayyy better. I was getting harder and staying that way for longer. Sex also started to feel more pleasurable. About 1.5 months after finishing my reboot, I was at 100%. I always had a full erection during sex, it felt fucking fantastic, and I could control how long I lasted. Sometimes I would get so hard that I couldn't bend it enough in doggystyle. I went from cumming after hard thrusting for 10 minutes in the tightest position to accidentally coming after 5 minutes inside my gf.

    Like if you do the reboot right and just keep having sex, it 100% works. You just have to really commit to the reboot, and when it's over, really commit to sex. The boners/sex aren't great at first and may deter some ladies, but you just gotta find someone that likes you regardless of the sex and just keep at it. Eventually, the sex will feel great for you and her, so just focus on feeling good and in the moment, and over time things will improve
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