Last day of school in 2017

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According to the thread, what is the closest percentage for me to get a girlfriend?

  1. 90%

  2. 75%

  3. 50%

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  4. 25%

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  5. 10%

  1. ///Matthew W-Spec

    ///Matthew W-Spec Fapstronaut

    At the last day of school this year, during math class we had a karaoke party, the teacher started to play some songs. Mine ordered Last Christmas and Careless Whisper and sang it all the way. Many girls in my class told me that I would get a girlfriend very soon, What's my best next step?
  2. Devil's Details

    Devil's Details Fapstronaut

    Get practice talking to girls on your level. Most dudes actually start below their level, and work their way up in order to build up their confidence. Nothing wrong with that.

    Also, and perhaps more importantly, work on a skill that other people appreciate. If that's singing, great. Practice it, and not just haphazardly, but for real. The internet can help you with drills and lessons to give you skills you don't already have. Singing on stage is harder than it initially looks.
    Get really good at it. Start karaoking on weekends, maybe start/join a band. Nothing is more attractive to women than kicking ass on a stage. It does to them what hourglass figures do to us.

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