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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by johndoe117, Apr 27, 2019.

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    Four weeks ago, hit a rock bottom, woke up collapsed on my living room floor with glass from a shattered table top cutting my body, blood pressure dropped from combining drugs when meeting with random stranger for sex.

    Massive month of self improvement and nofap, not using porn, and reflection and meditation.

    Get to dating, get a date because I'm a pretty social and attractive person.

    Have no confidence with the girl when she's at home at my place, but no ability to initiate.

    Get onto a sugar dating website few days later to just try to pay to get laid, but I have no money so I'll try to get laid with out it.

    Go on date with girl and I'm out of her league, but I enjoy the date, and forget we were there from a sugar baby website.

    She brings up the conversation about how much I'd be willing to support her with, at this point I've already lied a bunch about how much money I make/have.

    Reinforcing the narrative that I have nothing to offer a woman.

    I lost my virginity to a girl I paid you know. I don't get it.

    Im just a sad heap.
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    Oh man it seems like your in a bad spot at life. Maybe you should work on yourself before chasing women. The drugs are really bad, you need to give them up. You have to realize that life is simply better without drugs and getting high won't make you happy. I used to be addicted to alcohol but I am cured now. So I have some an idea on how to quit your drug habit. This may sound counter intuitive but you need to understand that your life without drugs will at first be less exciting. But exciting doesn't equal good. Happiness does. And once you are done with drugs and happy being sober you can bring exciting, clean activities into your life.

    And you should stop going on these sugar daddy websites. They clearly lower your self esteem.

    But be proud of yourself. You did a whole month of "nofap, not using porn, and reflection and meditation.". That's not an easy task. Just keep doing things like this that'll improve your life.

    God bless you and have a great night.

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